This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal keeps over drafting my account

PayPal keeps over drafting my account! It first happened when we went to the post office to send out items that people had purchased on Ebay from us. Money was not in the account because PayPal would not release it. … Continue reading

Frozen Paypal and Bank Accounts

Paypal can also freeze your bank accounts as well. I had been a paypal/ebay user for over 6 years and then I started a drop shipping business. Because of the increase of sales I was limited (4) separate times in … Continue reading

Why is Paypal holding my money?

My husband and I both have Paypal accounts. Due to a bad previous marriage and divorce I do not hold a bank account. When I have a bill that is due I send money to my husband’s paypal and he … Continue reading

Unusual account activity leads to bank account request

I received an email from PayPal saying they had detected unusual account activity. So I go to my account to see what this activity was (went to the website directly; not via email link) and find that my account access … Continue reading

Is paypal stealing my identity?

Had my paypal acc frozen for this reason: “Feb 19, 2013: Someone else reported receiving your Street Address Confirmation letter in the mail.” When I called and asked them about it the rep said “Oh, that is just automated responce. … Continue reading

Don’t ever rely on Paypal as your only payment option

In February 2011 PayPal decided to place my account on Limitation giving me limited access and I was asked to provide my up to date financials before they would consider releasing access to my funds. Eventually after much persuasion and … Continue reading

Can paypal come after me even though my account is closed?

So i had a paypal account for a very long time(4-5-6) years i don’t know precisely and a couple of months ago i started boosting league of legends accounts. After a while some customers tried to make disputes and claims … Continue reading

Paypal is not letting me close my account

My story is not so much as paypal has closed my account. It is Paypal wont close my account. When I try to close my account it says payment transactions are still in process. Well when I made a payment … Continue reading

Bad customer service, problem not solved!

eBay is just as bad. The amount of sketchy sellers is at a high, well it feels that way. I was buying an Xbox for my friend. Not only did I contact the seller for a refund before he shipped … Continue reading

Money Transfer via Paypal

Ok. Look. I’ve never gone through so much trouble just to get $15, although I’m grateful this happened because I was about to put a lot more money into eBay/Paypal. I went to a card shop and sold them some … Continue reading