This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Paypal reversed my payment without letting me know

So I was upgrading my collection of steel guitars and made three major purchases three days in a row. PayPal arbitrarily just decided I should not buy the third one and reversed the charge without contacting me. The seller re-listed … Continue reading

Asked to change password over and over again

I had an account and for no reason they asked me to change my password. No matter what I enter they ask me for my credit card number, which I gave them before, naturally, then they ask me a load … Continue reading

PayPal is ruthless

Paypal Ebay are the most terrible vicious scammers I have ever had to deal with. Ebay shown wrong low dollar pricing $15.89 for all My products even though I am selling between $15.89 up to $950.00. I called all week … Continue reading

I am worried, it will affect my credit?

I’ve been contacted by transcom, a debt collector employed by eBay to get me to pay £101 fee they say I owe from a dispute with a buyer. I am currently disputing the fees as eBay enforced a refund illegitimately … Continue reading

Waiting for a Check from PayPal

Recently my PayPal account was suspended for no reason. I can do anything I want with my PayPal except I cannot put money into the account, so I can’t buy anything on eBay using PayPal. I find this out after … Continue reading

The only thing I did wrong was to trust PayPal

Paypal permanently limited and froze my account/funds,for sure will be over $1,000, without any explanation! Prior to this, ebay and paypal they limited my account because they needed more info, I submitted & verified my bank account, proof of address, … Continue reading

Limited for supposedly owing on another account

my account was just limited for supposedly owing ( I have only had one paypal account ever) on another account they linked me with from some mysterious personal information that I have no clue what it is or where it … Continue reading

Money hold on an 11 year old account

On Dec 4 2012 I bought a used cell phone on EBay for $29.88 and paid for it using PayPal. On Dec 7 the seller notified me that he had dropped and broken the phone so we agreed to cancel … Continue reading

Paypal has shut down my business multiple times

They have shut down my business multiple times through the years with me due to going through different business fazed trying to find my niche. The last time I had it open for 6 years. Then one day someone did … Continue reading

Accused of having multiple accounts despite only ever having one

Some time ago I was informed that my PayPal account was “permanently limited”, and that I had no right to appeal. I was told that due to holding “multiple accounts”, I was seen as being a “major risk” to PayPal … Continue reading