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I find PayPal unprofessional and incompetent

Dear PayPal CEO I’ve been in the financial industry for over Ten years, I have never derived a utterly and incompetent organisation as PAYPAL. I find PayPal decision unprofessional and incompetent. According to Pay Pal Resolution Centre, Pay Pal had … Continue reading

I have been “banned permanently” from Paypal.

Just had my Paypal account closed 12/13/12 without any ability to resolve, appeal, or find other alternative fixes through their resolution dept. Paypal states that “this is all in the TOS agreement that I should be aware of”. Ridiculous. My … Continue reading

People are brainwashed to think Paypal is the best thing since sliced bread

I have been using paypal now for over 8 years and as much as i hate them they do have a huge benefit for pulling in extra sales, especially on websites as people are brainwashed to think they are the … Continue reading

Payment declined due to spending limit reached

wanted to buy an item from a vendor through paypal, but got an email from them to say the payment had been declined ,because i had reached my spending ceiling over the period of years using them. so i bought … Continue reading

Limited because my “last two items SOLD FOR TOO MUCH MONEY”

I recently listed two items on ebay to sell. I started one at 99 cents with NR, the other at $49 NR as it was a Navy aviation antique from WWII. To my pleasant surprise, the 99 cent item ended … Continue reading

My paypal account has been frozen

I just had my paypal account frozen due to what they call violating acceptable use policy. The transactions are for a video of me vacuuming, one where my old neighbor sent me some money she owed me, and a custom … Continue reading

Paypal froze my account then froze accounts of people I did business with

PayPal thinks they can do whatever they want with anybody’s account and money. Last week my place of employment was robbed and Items that I had just sold on eBay were stolen, so of course I couldn’t mail out the … Continue reading

Made some minor updates to my account and paypal thinks I am Suspicious

I buy and sell on EBay and have only had minor problems in the last 10yrs, until now. About 4 months ago I changed my primary funding method from my bank account to Bill Me Later, which allowed me discounts … Continue reading

Despite signed delivery confirmation paypal refunded buyer

I sold £112.50 euros was asked to send them straight away which I did and when I got back paypal had took my money and said the seller had opened a case that someone had used his account. the person … Continue reading

Illegal holding of funds by paypal

I have been on Ebay for 12 years. Although I have changed accts a few times , I have always been at 100% feedback and Power seller. Which they take away all the time, who cares!! This is the third … Continue reading