This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Double charged for item that was never received

Years past I have lost money ordering items never delivered and Paypal would not help me. My current problem is that they have put through payments, now $600 on both my credit credit card and bank account…in other words double … Continue reading

Are there any good options to eBay?

Ebay restricted my selling account because they “suspected” that i was dealing with counterfeit items. None of it is true. None. I contacted them and offered to mail them any item on my site that they thought was questionable. they … Continue reading

Won’t refund account balance

We use PayPal occasionally for our two companies – mostly to buy things. So a week ago I deposited $1,600 to buy several computers. They send the money to the vendor, then reversed it. Then they charged me $1.95 to … Continue reading

After 10 years I have to get Verified

After using Ebay and Paypal for over 10 years as both a buyer and a seller, I reached the $10,000 limit and was told I needed to be “VERIFIED.” Because of some unfortunate events in my life (foreclosure and other … Continue reading

Getting annoyed with their 21 days holds

Getting annoyed with their 21 days holds and also I had like 4 or 5 payments that were scheduled to clear after the 3 day holding period once items were delivered and my money was not clearing. I called and … Continue reading

Jumping through hoops just to get our own money.

My wife has had her/our Paypal account tip over the $1000 mark, unbeknownst to us, that means you automatically have to provide heaps of ID to then be able to access it again… We have jumped through many hoops, provided … Continue reading

PayPal’s clever way to keep your info forever

I’d been a PayPal customer for over 10 years, since before they were owned by Ebay. I never had a problem buying or selling with PayPal, and figured that despite their policies, it was okay to use their service. Then … Continue reading

All I want to do is close my account, but I can’t!

I paid $500 for a service on Paypal with my bank acct by mistake. Seller refunded my money…no problem. Paypal still took the money from my bank acct and caused it to be overdrawn and receive 4 overdraft charges. I … Continue reading

Limited 8 months ago and just limited again

Ok get this about 8 months ago my Paypal get limited so I called them and sent them a bank statement a gas bill and a copy of my drivers license and all they told me was they would get … Continue reading

PayPal ignored my NO Return Policy

Sold an item on eBay. Buyer paid. Shipped item. Buyer contacted me, admitted he bought the wrong item, wanted to return it. I had photos and no returns permitted plastered all over the ebay listing. Buyer says he returned item … Continue reading