This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Dispute, chargeback, locked account..what horror!

I had a dispute with a buyer and he initiated a chargeback of $750. He won and got the money AND product. Now my PayPal account is locked unless i pay them what they think i owe. i cant afford … Continue reading

PayPal is taking a long time to investigate fraud

I had a fraudulent transaction occur on my paypal account of which Paypal alerted me to, prior to the funds coming out of my savings account. I contacted paypal and confirmed it was fraud. Then 2 days later for reasons … Continue reading

eBay wants me to ship for free

E-Bay is allowing people to complain about my $1.65 shipping charge, which IS ACTUAL COST ! Because of the complants I go below standard and Pay Pal holds my money until at LEAST 3 days after proven delivery of sold … Continue reading

I am not dealing with the 21 day hold

Everything started out great with PayPal. My pay pal fund were available immediately after deposit from buyer. Then, because my sales went from $1000.00 down to $53.00 for the next month paypal decided to put a hold on my funds … Continue reading

Buying with PayPal is the most PAINFUL thing in the world

I swear, buying with PayPal is the most PAINFUL thing in the world. It took me 12 times to finally my order actually ordered! I hate it when I want to buy something off of Etsy and they want me … Continue reading

Paypal is withholding funds because it is managed by eBay.

Paypal is withholding funds because it is managed by EBAY.  I have sold for 11 years in July, 100% feedback, 2 neutrals in 1 year, raving reviews from buyers.  I would have thought the end of the world had come … Continue reading

Paypal placed more restrictions on my account

Less than 72 hours after the initial restriction placed on my Paypal account were lifted (the 90 day period having been fufilled) I recieved an email stating that due to the ‘higher than normal’ risk associated with my eBay account … Continue reading

Account Limited and Canceled

PayPal put a “Limitation” on my account for absolutely no reason. I was unable to send money, received money, or even cancel my account if I wanted. I called them and they demanded a copy, A PHYSICAL COPY, of my … Continue reading

13 years with eBay/Paypal means absolutely nothing to them

I began my Ebay selling career in 1999, well before PayPal was probably even conceived. I say career, because I thought of it as just that. I am confined to a wheelchair as a result of a spinal cord injury … Continue reading

My new Paypal account is limited

I have recently created a new online trade website, I was hoping to use paypal as an online payment method for customers. I signed up yesterday only to find out that my account is already limited. I was’nt sure why, … Continue reading