This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Rejecting PayPal Use

By Martin Hi, Read the article where an eBay customer can’t put a note in his auction stating he doesnt want PayPal to be used for his payments. “Unfortunately, one Ebay customer recently was sent this message by Ebay when … Continue reading

Three Fraud Claims

By David I have been the subject of three fraudulant claims on my paypal account this year alone. I agree with other subscribers comments as it is impossible to contact them by phone. Paypal try to shift the blame onto … Continue reading

My PayPal Reversal

By Lee nearly lost a mobile phone, due to paypal, because they reversed  a payment on a credit card, about a week after the transaction had gone through, thus giving me a negative amount of money. At this point you cannot … Continue reading

Password Won’t Work

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous PayPal…. Need I say more! It was more than over 2-1/2 years that I used it on an auction from eBay. The buyer wanted to pay with PayPal. The item in question was eight dollars. … Continue reading

Voices Must Be Heard

By Alex I LOST #400.00 through PAYPAL.  I have start a YAHOO group and am trying to get members so i can go the British Broadcasting BBC and get the horror stories heard on TV to warn people away from … Continue reading

Sour PayPal Experience

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous Absolutely Unbelievable.  Rewards for high volume customers, recognition of a valued customer with some note of appreciation?  When I began doing more volume using PayPal, instead of being congratulated as an asset to their company, … Continue reading

PayPal Are Scam Artists

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I’ve been dealing with Paypal for a while now. Just recently I had a gentleman who purchased something from me off of eBay.  after about 2 weeks he e-mails me and says he never received … Continue reading

PayPal And The Buyer

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous As a buyer, not a merchant, I was wondering whether to use PayPal.  It appears that all the complaints come from merchants.  Are there problems or potential problems, faced by buyers using PayPal?  The merchants’ … Continue reading

PayPal Customer Service

By Mark I get a chargeback from some fraudualent account for $85. I called Paypal just to ask a few questions, waited about 10 minutes for an operate, then they hung up on me before I actually got to speak … Continue reading

Scam Looked Authentic

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I received an e-mail this afternoon which may be a fraud. Message looked very authentic. Read: “You have added as a new email address for your PayPal account. If you did not authorize this change or … Continue reading