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Don’t be a PayPal victim like me!

I am one of the victims of Paypal! You’re right paypal is incompetent and unreliable. I have withdrawn my money this May 1 2014 and after 7 days sent them email why my money is not yet in my bank … Continue reading

Banned for life

I recently have been banned for life for selling modded consoles(xboxs, playstations) on my website Paypal was my form of receiving payments, I had buy it now buttons all over my website. Well I received a nasty email from … Continue reading

Limitation on PayPal account

I am so sick of PayPal still holding my funds in a ‘pending balance’ on eBay . I can understand when it’s large sums of money but I make less than £10 on most of my sales and they still … Continue reading

Paypal is the most convoluted payment system I have ever used

Paypal is the most convoluted payment system I have ever used. I was prompted to add my bank account information to transfer money to my Paypal account. Paypal showed the balance I transferred was available so I transferred the money … Continue reading

Someone hacked and used my PayPal account

My PayPal account has been dormant for a few years and in January, I received a genuine email from them, which said there is an unusual activities on my account. Please log into PayPal and change your password etc. I … Continue reading

Unauthirized checking account withdraw for paypal

I sent a fiberglass motorcycle fairing to Mission, Texas and it was damaged by UPS. Original cost of the fairing was $2,000.00. Sold it on E-Bay for $900 plus $75 for shipping. When the buyer received it, he said it … Continue reading

PayPal sides with buyer for refund

Another paypal screw the seller nightmare. I sold 3 items to a guy on a different site from E-bay. One was a radio and he contacted me said it didn’t work right. I said OK and he sent the item … Continue reading

Being charged twice by paypal

I have an eBay account which I sell misc. things on. When I sell an item I charge the customer the shipping fee accordingly. I then will pay to have my label printed, print the label and ship my item. … Continue reading

PayPal and exchange rates

I just cancelled my paypal account because I refuse to be forced my Paypal in an exchange rate that is mandatory. I want my credit card company to do the conversion at a more favorable rate. A simple store credit … Continue reading

Pay Pal forces me to convert US funds

I live in Canada and I have an ebay account. I list all of my items in USD as per the recommendations of ebay and because I sell to a lot of people in Asia. I have opened a USD … Continue reading