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21 day hold doesn’t work when you try and run a business

My biggest complaint with PayPal is their uncompromising position on “holding” my funds for 21 days and then charging 3%+ for processing payments! Like most, I’m trying to run a screen printing and vinyl sign business; Sometimes I NEED access … Continue reading

ebay and Paypal is all the same horrible company

Ebay and paypal are the same company if you love being screwed by the same company under two different names then keep dealing with them. To make it an even more horrible experience try BillMeLater (BML) they just empty your … Continue reading

I am a victim of Paypal

I am a victim of Paypal. I have or used to have a Paypal account until there was case open due to my friend wanted to pay me back what he owes through Paypal, but his mother had called the … Continue reading

I won appeal but can’t collect my money

I sold a TiVo Premier on eBay with Lifetime Service once the user received it he filled a complaint saying I said it was a XL model but no where in listing does it say XL and also claimed that … Continue reading

Hold placed on cancelled transaction funds

On 1/31/14 I attempted to transfer $2010 to my nephew. On the SAME day (1/31/14) the transaction was denied and cancelled because he did not accept the payment. However, Paypal put a hold on the funds 3 days LATER on … Continue reading

Frozen account

PayPal have frozen my account due to alleged misuse of the customers credit card. Although Paypal say the account is frozen they are reducing the amount originally frozen from subsequent payments from website customers. PayPal now advise me that they … Continue reading

Paypal is not accepting the valid tracking number I provided.

I am a seller and buyer. I recently purchased some beads that arrived materially different than described. I opened a Paypal dispute and was told that if I returned the item, I would get a refund. So I used Paypal … Continue reading

Paypal withdrawal funds not received…TWICE to the tune of USD 837.38 total

In February 2013 I made a withdrawal request for USD 500 from my PayPal account to my account located in UAE. I had been using PayPal for several years and had experienced other issues but nothing of this type. The … Continue reading

Threatened to contact attorney general and got paypal account unlimited

I recently had my paypal account PERMANENTLY LIMITED after four years of using it solely for eBay shopping for I’m not a seller. Yet, ‘for security reasons’ they banned me from using my paypal. Well, they decided to keep my … Continue reading

Account frozen, not allowed to close it

We have a holiday house that we rent out. Out of the blue, our account was frozen and we were asked to present a multitude of paperwork, including deeds to the property, business registration, license, tax receipts, sales model, sales … Continue reading