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PayPal keeps rejecting my financial institution’s attempts to transfer money

PayPal keeps rejecting my financial institution’s attempts to transfer money from my checking account to my PayPal account via Bill Pay. What is bizarre is that PayPal is rejecting it’s own account number, telling my financial institution that the PayPal … Continue reading

Paypal appeals – return postage

I am fuming!!!! I bought a pair of curtains I thought were measuring 66″ x 90″. When they arrived they only measure 52″ x 90. No good whatsoever. I contacted the seller, she was very apologetic, I said I could … Continue reading

Paypal tried to withdraw funds from my closed checking account

PayPal attempted to withdraw funds from my CLOSED checking account for an iTunes purchase of $15.41 and eventually used the alternate funding source. But in the meantime they keep trying to withdraw funds from the CLOSED account and so far … Continue reading

Limited, got limits lifted only to be limited again

I recently sold a watch on eBay, before the auction on eBay finished, I sent paypal the necessary documents to lift my account limits. After the watch was sold and the buyer paid through paypal, I called paypal because my … Continue reading

Paypal hold my sales money

I used one of the new gimmick that paypal came up with the token that you can connect to your Iphone to make the sale much easier. I ran a catering company that I charge $ 3000 to $ 7000 … Continue reading

Paypal’s reaction after very strong complaint

Sometimes it can be the other way around: I was the victim of a buyer who – although I checked the “No Return” button – wanted to return a flawless merchandise and even dared to write me an email stating … Continue reading

Moneypak Issues with PayPal

So today I have to pay someone 20 dollars to buy something of theirs directly from them online. To do this I need to transfer money to them through Paypal since they are in Canada and I am in the … Continue reading

180 day funds hold

paypal decided to hold my funds and close my account for 180 days due to the high volume of payments that come in they ask for documents and i sent what was requested. they told me they just dont want … Continue reading

Paypal holding my money and I can’t pay my rent

PayPal decided it won’t keep it word when they said, “just a few clicks away.” I’ve had my PayPal account for quiet some time as well. Because they keep asking me to wait for my my cash, I am now … Continue reading

All PayPal transactions disappeared

I had an account with Paypal Hong Kong. I had money on the account – 120.33. One day I went to my account to use it and ALL of the transactions were gone. When I spoke with Paypal Intl, they … Continue reading