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Threatened to contact attorney general and got paypal account unlimited

I recently had my paypal account PERMANENTLY LIMITED after four years of using it solely for eBay shopping for I’m not a seller. Yet, ‘for security reasons’ they banned me from using my paypal. Well, they decided to keep my … Continue reading

Account frozen, not allowed to close it

We have a holiday house that we rent out. Out of the blue, our account was frozen and we were asked to present a multitude of paperwork, including deeds to the property, business registration, license, tax receipts, sales model, sales … Continue reading

PayPal and ebay is all the same garbage

After realizing my eBay page was temporarily suspended due to a past due amount of $300 I immediately made a payment to bring the account current. My account was reinstated but my selling privileges were “indefinitely suspended”. After a year, … Continue reading

Complaint against paypal for error I made

I wanted to send $2,000 to a company and pay by credit card. I used my husband’s paypal account (as per his instructions). I was not familiar with paying on paypal and clicked the wrong payment option. Not knowing that … Continue reading

Paypal is just another attempt to impose US regulations on the rest of the world.

Some time ago I spent my vacations on Cuba. Since European countries do not subscribe the ridiculous embargo of the US on Cuba that after 60 years did not achieve any of the intended goals, I did not expect any … Continue reading

PayPal Account limited for over 10 years

Over 10 years ago i sold one data item online and created a PayPal account to collect the proceeds. The sale went bad – the buyer claimed not to have gotten the item (not true as it was information sent … Continue reading

14 years and paypal decides to hold my funds

I have been involved with ebay since 1999. I have over 1000 transactions, 100% positive feedback of over 1500. All of a sudden I get one too many low DSR’s back in June that put me over the limit statistically, … Continue reading

Suspended and money held

I only been a seller on ebay for about a year had 539 feedback, out of 539 had 8 negative, my sellers rating went down, wasn’t acceptable to ebay, one minute to the next they deleted all my listings, sending … Continue reading

Paypal account limited but I still don’t know why

Hi I used paypal for years and only had a few bad experiences but then one day to go to sign in and it tells me that my paypal account has been limited. This is what it says: Why is … Continue reading

I received a phone call from Paypal saying I owe them $150

I decided to sell my wife’s old laptop on eBay. Received payment through Paypal, everything went fine, got my money. After a while, I drop off of eBay, after getting a new job and without a single problem with any … Continue reading