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Paypal ‘transferred’ my PayPal money and ‘lost’ it to my bank.

I live in St Kitts, west Indies. I set up a PayPal account so my villa guests could pay rent easily. I’ve transferred my money from PayPal to my bank card (as I don’t have a USA bank account, I … Continue reading

Paypal took my money!

I am so saddened today, I could cry! I spent a year and a half designing an adult themed website (yes I know, it’s taboo but all completely legal). This was based on me wanting to run my own legitimate … Continue reading

Our only regret is to ever have worked with Paypal

We sell furniture direct to consumers. We have supplied all our Ebay/Paypal customers with what they ordered and they are all delighted so no problems there. Only positive feedback. Paypal randomly asked us to supply lots of documents and limited … Continue reading

Blocked money, enormous frustration

Paypal sucks for numerous reasons – creating monopoly on ebay, taking huge 2 – 5% fees, transaction interference and horrible customer service, charging 10EUR/minute for a phone call WITHIN the EU. What I hate mostly about them is their negligence. … Continue reading

I am not Paying back my negative balance

Recently sold digital item through PayPal. Buyer then filed dispute for Unauthorized Transaction. Submitted evidence to PayPal showing Buyers intention to purchase and pay. Submitted even more evidence such as messages and proof of transaction which was thoroughly recorded. PayPal … Continue reading

Paypal says holding my money will make me a better seller

As of right now paypal is holding 99.99…% of my money under their hold for 21 days nonsense. What is left and not on hold is what I have left to pay my bills, pay eBay’s fees and pay my … Continue reading

Paypal linked me to unknown account from 5 years ago

Today June 10 2013 i get an email saying my account is limited due to an account they linked to me from 2009? Paypal said i sold something for 2365 and paypal refunded the buyer and i owe $$ for … Continue reading

I am not giving up on getting my money back

Yet another story on Paypal thieving the poor!!! Just recently Paypal has frozen my account asking me for proof of my registered credit card! Unfortunately I do not have a credit card. After a few emails and given copies my … Continue reading

Spending limit cause account limitations

I registered with paypal/ebay and conducted many online transactions starting with an agreed spending/receiving limit of £1.600. As I approached the receiving limit I was invited to have these receiving limits lifted and was then notified my limits had been … Continue reading

My violation was my business doing well

PayPal limited my account access and I provided them with all of the information they had requested. They said that I was making too much money too fast (even though I could confirm the sources of my inventory and I … Continue reading