This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Can’t close my account because it is limited

I’d been a happy occasional user of PayPal for several years, done all the verification things with the bank account etc and even become an approved business user. I had good ratings on eBay and all was good in the … Continue reading

I was punished for alerting Paypal to a suspicious Payment I received

After alerting PayPal to a suspicious payment and following their instructions they have overdrafted both that account and business checking over $750 On April 20 someone contacted me on Skype to say he had paid for Online English Lessons from … Continue reading

Paypal is holding my funds because of Storms and Wildfires

I sold a laptop on ebay, and the buyer sent the funds to paypal. The funds were not released to me as they should have been. Then I got an email saying, “We sincerely apologize for the delay in the … Continue reading

Paypal is keeping Donations to pay for my husbands treatments

In February 2013 I started a fundraising site so that my husband can receive lifesaving cancer treatment in the USA. In January Gary was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV malignant brain tumour and we have been told that … Continue reading

I closed my paypal account then buyer filed dispute

Hello, I write from Miami,U.S.A I sold a guitar to someone in Brazil for $929.00, I told the buyer that the guitar he wanted was on back order and he agreed to wait as long as needed and we did … Continue reading

ebay shut our bussiness down with orders needing processing

My dad ran a business under my name because of personal irs crap. i trusted that he would run everything smoothly then transfer to his name after he was clear with irs. ebay shut us down with over 1200 orders … Continue reading

$10k loss on car I never bought

I purchased a vehicle from eBay motors. The car wasn’t as described when I went to pick up the vehicle. The seller stated he’d return my money. I didn’t take the car, I left it with the seller trusting that … Continue reading

Paypal does not care to keep my business and told me to go elsewhere

I signed-up for a paypal merchant account in November of 2012. No problems at first, bank account verified, etc. Then limitation notice appeared on screen saying they needed more info about me and “this limitation not appealable.” After 40-50 phone … Continue reading

Paypal is Holding payments back

I have a 100% feedback, inform my buyers aS to what is happening with their items and post the items on time. I have been a member since 2006 and have starting selling on ebay for the last three months … Continue reading

Returned faulty items but never got refund

I have purchased 2 10.1 inch superpad 7 tablets on Ebay on 1st of October 2012 for Christmas presents for my 2 children. The 1st tablet stopped working on the 25th January 1 month from when it was used we … Continue reading