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Nasty Experience With PayPal Crooks

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Try to make a long story short and tell the facts.

I used my paypal account to pay an auction out of my checking account. Seller accepts the money, sends the item. Item is returned back to Seller due to it being misrepresented, and Seller agrees to refund. No refund ever makes it to me. Seller kept item. Reported it to Ebay, they don’t care. Asked paypal if I was covered with their buyer protection plan. I was told No, because it only covers items sent, not returned.

I had my bank do a reversal of funds. Paypal tried accessing my bank account, but was denied. They than added the auction transaction price to my Credit Card.

So now I had my funds back by my bank, and now Paypal is trying to force me to pay for the reversal amount by charing my credit card. I paid the seller the first time.

She refused to cooperate, so I went after my money.

So I’m in dispute with Paypal, My credit Company is in dispute for me against Paypal. I feel Paypal had no business trying to get my funds back after I had them. It was my money, not theres. They act like its their money. I didnt pay Paypal money for an auction, I sent it to the seller. Paypal only is a third party and if they think they are losing funds, because I took it away from the seller, Id like to ask them where the hell is my money? I got took by a crook on Ebay. They don’t protect you from anything that another crooked party does to you or your account. Paypal, You took my payment hostage, but the truth shall set me free……….

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:40 am

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