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Never Make Changes

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

This is more of a security measure paypal has in place which can cause headaches to business’s. I originally signed up for paypal account using my own name and address many years back enrolling a bank account.

Later down the line I had a business which I also utilized the same bank account which unfortunately did not work out so the business went under. And finally I chose to sign back up as an individual utilizing the same bank. Now many years later after I was told from customer service on paypal to cancel my bank account and put it on my new business account. So I did this then found out that I could not place my bank account on the new business account.

Paypal says this is for security measures since the bank account was signed up and cancelled on 3 previous accounts but the individual who I was talking to did not mention this to me as she told me to erase my bank account from my old paypal account thus in turn causing an effect which ultimately locked me from ever using my bank account with paypal again. I spoke to a supervisor who said there was nothing he or his company could do and that I should just open a new bank account.

This is impractical to open a new bank account just because paypal cant over-ride or wont over-ride a security measure. So the end result is that I can not use paypal because I would remain non validated, and paypal being the company who first told me to erase the bank account from my old account is the one who caused the issue in the first place. I have money in my paypal account which will not be released to me because I do not have a registered bank account and can not register a bank account because paypal will not let me.

So with that in mind, the moral of the story is once you open an account with paypal never make changes to it and always stick with it because if you make changes you could end up losing your money.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:47 am

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