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Nightmare Is Unresolved

By Dave Joy

Well, heres another one….

went to transfer to my bank account and system said that i was over my limit. Emailed paypal, no response, sent another, finally i got a paragraph that stated account run for the 15th to the 15th.. nothing had to do with problem, remailed yet once again, got a different paragraph this time saying to fax my social secuity card and credit information, b/s they arent getting that, telephoned, got this very ruse woman that said she didnt even want to talk about it. and i am going to hang up now. Requested her supervisor, told me she didnt have one and i am going to hang up now, ask for her name, she just hung up

again called, used a different menu option, asked for a supervisor, got a lady by the name of linda, she had no clue but it could be due to my credit report ????, they have my money and i didnt ask for a loan ??, told me i could access $41.14 today and maybe the rest would be available tomorrow, checked website, no luck, no access, called back again, no linda works there, told the whole story again, to a todd, he had no clue, and we can only hope you have access to your money tomorrow. Called back in next day, no one by the name of todd works there, aint that convienant. was told that because in the future there might be some possible chargebacks, they are keeping the account froze for a year. Then they wanted to bill my credit card and i would have to wait 30 days to get a 4 digit number to give back to them and maybe they can unfreeze my account.

not taking this lightly, called my bank locally here and spoke with the manager and was informed that it is in the grapevine that loomis-fargo ( pass thru bank for paypal ) is in severly out of trust with the fdic. well.. paypal has $492.24 that is frozen probably forever, but lucky for me I didnt ship out any product yet, least i didnt lose my merchandise. Contacted ebay about auction refunds and was told to go fly a kite ( not in those words, but same meaning).

Hope Meg Ryan likes eating hotdogs in a soup line, I will never use ebay or paypal ever again.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:31 am

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