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No Amicable Resolution

By Jeremy

My issue with Paypal regards a purchase I made in November ’04.  I paid $400 for an ebay item, after which the seller never once tried to contact me, wouldn’t respond to my emails/calls, and never sent me a thing.  I contacted Paypal, and they did their investigation.  At the conclusion, they found the seller at fault and “claimed” they’d do what the could to recover my funds. Unfortunately for me (big suprise), at that point in time the seller’s account lacked the funds to give me a full refund.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.  I said full refund above for a reason. After a couple of months of getting nowhere with Paypal, and having a police investigation that wasn’t getting results, I decided to review the information for my case again.  On the dispute listing, I saw a note in the Paypal narrative that $388 dollars had been recovered, but a refund would be issued when the total amount of my transaction was recovered.

Naturally, after I read this, I contacted Paypal.  I asked them if they’d be able to grant me the amount that they had recovered, and since it was so close to the amount I lost that we could consider the case closed after they provided me with that portion of my refund.  Well, a day later I received an email, stating, and I quote, “Thank you for informing us that you have amicably resolved your dispute with the seller.  Your case is now closed.”

I responded to that stating that I never, ever said I had amicably resolved anything, and that my case should still be open.  I then was given the runaround that disputes can’t be reopened after they’d been closed, that the dispute is still actually being pursued even though it shows as closed on my dispute console, etc.

To date, I haven’t received a dime back from Paypal.  Their service is a complete joke.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:34 am

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