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No Buyer Protection

By Julie

PayPal’s Buyer Protection program is a complete scam. I purchased an item using PayPal, from an unethical seller on Ebay. The item in question was represented by the seller as being NWT. I received a nasty used pair of pants from this seller and immediately filed a complaint with PayPal. They didn’t ask for documentation of my correspondence with this unethical seller (in which she admitted that she knew the pants she charged me $75.49 for weren’t new) or pictures of the item — heck, I’d have even have sent them the item to prove my claim. What’s more, they waited more than five weeks to rule in this seller’s favor.

“Buyer Protection”? More like “Seller” Protection — seller protection to steal people’s money with PayPal’s permission. Wonder if they get a kickback?

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:09 pm

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