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No Choice But To Pay

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Well my story starts all the way back in August 2004, i sold a mobile phone to a buyer on E Bay for £145, the buyer paid immediately by Paypal and the funds were available to me to withdraw the next day, i transfered the money to my bank account and promptly sent the phone to the buyer, that, i thought was the last of it until…

Some 2 months later i went into my Paypal account to transfer some more funds that i had accumulated from other goods sold, only to find that my account was -£145, all the subsequent funds that i had been recieving also went into this minus balance leaving me with nothing to show for the goods i had sold.

On contacting paypal they said that the money had been taken from the buyer without her consent and an investigation was taking place, i did recieve an e mail from the buyer who apologised and said it was a misunderstanding and would be resolved.  Well, i basically heard nothing for a few months then Paypal finally said that they had refunded the money back to the buyer and i would have to contact them to try and get my money back, which i just found unbelievable seeing as this buyer now had my phone and my money! 

I tried to contact the buyer without success( no surprise there) and Payal refused to give me any of her contact details other than her e mail address, Paypal then sprang into life this March and had the cheek to start chasing me for the money, i had one call from them asking for me to pay so i explained to the chap on the phone what had happened, and that was that.. so i thought until i recieved a letter from a credit agency that Paypal had kindly not) sent my details to for the unpaid amount. So i had no choice but to pay.

Nearly 8 months down the line i am still out of pocket and no sign of getting my money back, my paypal account is also still barred, which is nice!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 10:59 am

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