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No Credit Protection

By Andrea


A lady bought and paid for a lamp on Dec. 8th and on the 11th I sent it out via Express Mail. It was going from Canada to the US in the peak Christmas rush. Dec. 12th was the last day to ship abroad from Canada with delivery guaranteed by Christmas. One week later she was emailing me frantic, accusing me of not sending it, obviously not have bought from outside the US. I tried to tell her that for Int’l transactions, a week is nothing and it will arrive, no worries. I sent her a tracking number and she said she didn’t have time to check it.

On December 25th of all days, I receive a complaint and chargeback from PP no questions asked. I immediately checked the tracking and it had been delivered to her on the 23rd. I emailed her right away asking why she had done such a thing!?!?! Then emailed PP with the tracking # etc fast as a little bunny!!

I only got word from her yesterday the 30th to say that it hadn’t been delivered until the 28th (which is untrue) and was broken because of my ‘bad’ packing!!! What was I going to do about it? Now, I know what I’m doing with packing and there is no way in the world that it broke due to my packing. She’s already chargebacked the money and I’m out the $’s and the item and now she’s trying to strongarm me into doing more?!?!? She also said that when she finally got around to checking the tracking # it wasn’t right (another fib.)

I emailed her telling her the the tracking # was in fact correct and informed her that I know it arrived on the 23rd and asked where it has been for the past 7 days. Does this not sound like she had intended to do this all along?!?!?!?

PayPal of course won’t do anything about it as I have been scammed in the past as a buyer and seller, but thought it a one-time horror story, obviously not. I will no longer accept PayPal payments of any kind unless specifically asked and only from bank accounts.

Any suggestions on how to handle this lady?? How do I get money or an intact item back?!?!? I honestly don’t think the item is broken and if I push the issue, I wouldn’t put it past her to break the darned thing. I can’t afford to loose the money!!!!!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 12:40 pm

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2 thoughts on “No Credit Protection
  1. casey on

    I honestly think you’re out of luck. Paypal offers you virtually no protection when processing credit cards. I had a case where I furnished tracking info and signature plus the signed agreement to my terms of service and PP still sided with the buyer.

  2. Tony on

    Hi I was wondering if you were able to find a way to get a refund? The same issue just happen to me. I sold an item on ebay for $350 the buyer got the item then said he could not afford to spend the money asked me to refund him and except the item back. I told him all sales were final unless their was damage or something like that. So he put a dispute to paypal saying the item he got was the wrong item they refunded him the $350 and he still got to keep the item as well. I tried to send all the text messages to paypal showing him asking for a refund because he had a baby on the way, changed his mind etc etc. they still sided with the buyer. Now I am trying to do the same as you and find a way to either get my item back or my money back. Any help you may have found out would be great! And best of luck with your issue!