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I’ve been doing business with PayPal for over 3 years now. Yesterday I have closed my account. A month ago we recieved an email from PP that we need to submit evidence in regards to a transaction for $279. We emailed them everything, copy of client’s order, invoice, UPS tracking number. Yesterday, we recieved a message that after reveiwing everything PP decided to reverse the transaction. They did not bother to actually explain what was the cause of the chargeback. Appartently the feel that are not obligated to. (How rude!!!).

When we accept credit cards for our online orders we are albe to determine where the card came from, IP address, and other information based on which we can determine whether the transaction is fraudulent or not. With PP it’s really hard. You don’t see the card, they do!

I can understand the chargeback, but what pi$sed me off was the lack of explanation as to why they did this. Therefore I have closed my account with PP.

Here is the copy of the email I received from PP.

Dear xxxxx xxxxxx,

We have conducted a review of a payment that you received. In this case, returning the funds to the sender was determined to be the appropriate action, and we have completed a reversal of the payment.

The funds from the following transaction have been debited from your

Transaction Date:  Apr. 7, 2005 14:59:47 PDT
Transaction Amount:  $279.50 USD
Buyer’s Email:  michaelpena68@xxxxxxxxx
If you have questions regarding this reversed transaction, please contact us using the link below:

We appreciate your patience during this investigation.

PayPal Account Review Department

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:29 pm

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