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No Luck With PayPal

By Jarvis

I recently purchased an item or thought I was purchasing an item (I paid money for the product, but never received the product) from “” using PayPal.  The seller used PayPal to receive payment from buyers.  The day following my purchase, sends me an email stating the product I purchased was temporarily out of stock due to rain damage and he was expecting a new shipment to arrive within a couple of weeks.   In exchange for my patience, he would debit $25.00 to my PayPal account.  I responded, that I wanted an immediately refund.  After a week I sent another email requesting refund.  Once again, I did not receive a response to my inquiry. Therefore, I decided to give him additional time thinking the product would arrive any day. 

After several weeks of no product or response from the seller I contacted PayPal. PayPal provides an electronic form on its website for submitting complaints.  However, all complaints must be submitted within 30-days of the transaction date.  If your complaint exceeds 30-days, they will not pursue investigation.  Since my complaint exceeded the 30-day deadline, it went into their closed file. I decided to call PayPal’s customer services to explain my circumstances. PayPal’s customer service representative explained there is nothing she could do and I was just out of luck!  I asked her if PayPal screened its merchants to protect potential customers against fraud.  She responded they do the best they can.   In my opinion PayPal should investigate merchants that use their service to protect against potential fraud. 

I‘m sure I’m not the only person PayPal has received complaints about for this fraudulent merchant. If PayPal cared about its customers it would immediate investigate and terminate services for those that perpetrate fraud.  It appears to me PayPal is trying to make as much money as possible at everyone’s expense. I’d advise potential customers to avoid using PayPal since this company does not provide adequate services to safeguard or protect it’s customers.  I would further advise potential clients to refrain from doing any business with  These company are frauds!!!!!!!!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 6:08 am

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