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No More PayPal For Me!

By: Wendy

Off I go on my merry way to sell a saddle on ebay. Not the first time I’ve bought, nor sold through them. I have a 100% postive feedback on all of my transactions. Tho…I will state this was the first item I’ve listed on ebay that was more than a few thousand.

When I listed the saddle I would accept checks,personal checks,cashiers checks, money orders, or wire transferes. I did not add paypal, as we had no account with them. All bidders were warned that the checks would be held until they cleared my account at which time I’d ship the saddle. One of my bidders asked if I’d consider using Paypal. Hubby and I tossed the idea around and said…what the hell. So the following day he set up the account.

No biggie. They verified my checking account, which we’ve had for 8 years, verifies my addy, and home phone number. We were good to go.  I received an email from them that our account was set up and ready to receive/use. Did I mention this was going to be long???

Auction ends on Wednesday of last week, winner of the saddle happens to be the paypal girl. Not her fault. I check status on my paypal account on Thursday afternoon to verify funds have been received, then I promply set up to transfer said funds to my regular checking account. No big deal, 3 to 4 business days before I can access the money. I had no problem with this. I decided, thank you Lance, I owe you big time on this one, to ship the saddle on Friday. I used DHL, and I’ll never not use them again… they play a huge part in this kluster mess.

On Saturday I receive an email that my paypal account has been red flagged and they will not be releasing the funds until I send some verification to them…such as…

1. faxed copy of my utility bill in my name with addy as they appear on my account with paypal. Umm hello, it’s in my husbands name.

2. Tracking number, on said item…no problem here.

3. (this one threw me for a loop) Fax tracking info for the payments received into your paypal acct. Lost me there.

4. This one had me giggling my ass off… Fax copies of the orginal bills of sale or invoices referencing your purchase or acquisition of the item you are selling along with the name and telephone number of your supplier. (Umm I did mention I was selling one item, and it is a saddle).

Then it basically tells me to do these things that are listed above, and they’ll have a review board check it out within the next 2 to 5 business days. LMAO Remember now, I just sent my saddle off the day before. Not good.

Off to the phone I go. I don’t advise anyone to call paypal, well, unless they have hours to spend on hold. After two hours on hold…no joke…I spoke with a live person, only to be told that they would have everything fixed in two hours tops. They’ll send me an email, LOL.

Never trust anyone who works for Paypal. They were kind enough to again email me to inform me that they were not going to release my funds anytime soon, or at least not in the next week or two, without my case going before a board committee. Yeah OK.

So my dilemma is my saddle is gone, and I have no money for it. So here I am Threatening Scott( paypal supervisor) id # 7737 with his life, I’ve come to the conclusion that I now need to bring the buyer into this mess, and DHL. I hang up
with dipshit,errr, Scott, and call DHL, who tracks my saddle and puts a hold on it to not deliever until notified by sender, that would be me.

Call paypal back up, yes another one hour wait on hold, to tell them to refund all monies back to buyer ASAP. Oh wait, while on the phone with ScottID # 7737 (the machines computers) are going through a maintence upgrade at this time.
WTF, it’s 4pm on a Saturday, doesn’t that seem like an odd time for an upgrade)? This transaction could take a while till it is complete. I tell him I’ll hold. He wasn’t real happy about that, and said he promises to notify me by phone once the transaction is done, then promptly hangs up on me. Isn’t Scott ID # 7737 a sweetheart???

I call DHL, and they’re kind enough to send the saddle back to me. I call the buyer leaving a v-mail that must have had her head spinning. I heard back from her and we’ve both decided to complete this transaction by check.

So after this long drawn out vent…if you’re using paypal watch your back. I got lucky…again thank you LSVLance for your help with shipping because I’m not sure if I would have been able to stop my saddle from going there had I been using another company.

I guess I just wanted to vent, and thanks for listening/reading this book.

No more paypal for me.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:48 am

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