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No Proof Of Shipment

By Jason

About a month ago I sold a car cover on ebay for $145.00. I sent the item the day after I received payment through Paypal. 5 days later, I got an email from Paypal saying the funds were possibly stolen and would be held. This created a negative balance in my account, seeing as I had already transferred the money to my bank account. I had sold several other items for my dad at the same time, and by the time I had recieved the money for them, the account was back to just a few dollars positive. I sent the items anyway, expecting to get my money back. I had to give my own money to my dad.

I tried to contact Paypal several (4) times the first 2 weeks, without a response or any communication from them. I finally recieved a response 2 months later!! They said I did not qualify for Seller protection and would not recieve my money because I had not contacted them within 7 days, and did not provide proof of shipment. (Which I had! They never asked for it! They said they were “investigating” and would contact me if required)

I find it rediculous that because someone chose a lowsy password and had their account stolen, I’m out my item,(which had several bids) and my money! Seeing as I sent the item to a confirmed address, I guess this means that the so called “victim” received my item and got their stolen money refunded. They could easily resell the item on ebay and make some good money! Perhaps I should buy a bunch of things and say my account was stolen! Then I would get my money back, and get free stuff! I’m in the process of closing my account!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:26 am

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