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No Proof Of Delivery

By Gem

Having had paypal for over 2 years, I didn’t have many bad experiences until recently. I am a seller on Ebay, and I recently sold an item to a lady in Texas who filed a claim against me when her item wasn’t shipped with in a 2-3 weeks time period. I gave this lady a good explaination, as I had personal problems and just needed a little time before shiptment. I shipped the item out last Thursday, and Pay Pal has already issued this lady a refund and has limited my account with a $-40 balance. Not only has the lady now received her item according to an E-mail, but she even got a refund that is coming out of my pocket. Unfortunately USPS had a glitch and my tracking # is not valid at the moment, because whoever received the package didn’t scan it when it arrived. I have a proof of E-mail that the lady even received her item, and they are saying that is not proof enough. They say that the only way I can get my pay pal back in good standing is if the lady closes this resolution and I don’t think she will.

My other problem is that I shipped something interntationally and if that person doesn’t close the resolution stating they received their item, then I will have to refund them either way, because there is no proof of delivery Pay Pal states, even though I have a receipt and proof that I mailed out the package. Pay pal is unethetical and I am looking for people to take legal action against them with me. I would love to get a class action going. Please contact me at


Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:34 pm

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