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No Reply From PayPal

By Wendy

On 10/1/03 Kristin Stevens sent me funds through paypal. On 10/2/03 paypal reversed those funds claiming that they were fraudulent. On 10/2/03 TL Jumper sent me funds through paypal. On 10/3/03 paypal reversed those funds claiming that they were fraudulent. I have contacted paypal about 5 times now, through the phone and e-mail. I have not yet received any reply’s from paypal. Paypal will not tell me the status of the transactions/reversals, they wont send me proof that the funds are fraudulent and they have been really rude to my fiance and I when we have contacted them by phone. My fiance even got hung up on.

We talked to the supervisor about this and he stuck up for the rep. stating this line must have got disconnected. Yeah right! My fiance was in the middle of saying something and she interrupts him and she say “thank you for contacting paypal” then hang up. Paypal stated that I am not able to obtain their seller protection because I have not sent the items to the buyer. But yet, in the e- ail they sent to me,they tell me to stop the shipment! Paypal tells me that I will not get a refund. I have no money to send other buyers their items. I have no money for me!

Paypal claims they want to protect their customers! Yeah right! They want to protect them selves! I can’t believe that paypal is doing this. Paypal made my account negative by taking out the funds without my permission and even stopped a payment to my bank without my permission! There protection policy states that I should send items to a confirmed address, how can I when there is no confirmed address on the buyers account! Paypal needs to get their issues straight and start protecting their customers. They are all out for them self’s and noone else. If anyone is committing fraud it is them!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:46 am

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