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“No Returns Accepted” but Paypal gave Buyer refund

Sold item to an Australian buyer who contested that item does not work properly. Did not want to work with me to correct user caused missus. Instead he left me negative feedback and filed claim with Paypal who immediately withheld the money and started a so called “investigation” in which they basically sided with the buyer’s story regardless of my spotless track record of successful transactions for 15 years! When I call them, they are heartless and don’t care about me as their customer or whether or not I continue to use their services. They forced me to accept a return of the goods (which I have not gotten back yet) even though Ebay’s return policy requirement enables be to choose “No Returns Accepted” as my return policy. If I sell something offering NO Returns, and buyer decides to bid on or purchase item, I should not accept the return, yet Paypal in this case have forced me to accept this return. Basically Ebay’s return policy requirement has not weight. Very frustrated and will continue searching for alternative payment systems.

Posted: June 20, 2013 at 6:06 pm

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