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No Seller Protection

By Serge

If you sell online and use Paypal dont ship outside the U.S.  I have just gone through a horrible experience with paypal.

Basically if you are selling items online to individuals who reside in Canada, you are not protected as a seller as all!  If the buyer feels like claiming the item was not as described or that he did not receive, it does not matter if you have full tracking and can prove 100% that he received the item, YOU WILL SUFFER A CHARGEBACK.

Here is what happened to me.  I sold 2 Xbox bundles to two seperate individuals in Quebec, Canada.  The items were fully tracked using FedEx, and the buyers both received ok and even left positive feedback.  A month later I received 2 chargebacks for the items totalling $480 U.S. based on the reason that the purchases were made via credit card fraud (so they say).

As it turns out, because the items were shipped to a Canadian Addresses I am SOL.

When I did some more research I discovered that although the 2 seperate ebayers had 2 different user ID’s, and addresses they had the same phone number.  I had definetely been scammed. Any money I did have in my account is gone as a result, and I am left with a huge Negative balance.

I have filled a fraud report with the FBI, and RCMP but I am pretty sure I can kiss my $600 CAD goodbye.  If anyone has some advice as far as trying to recover my money or fight this ridiculous Paypal seller protection policy please respond.


Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:29 am

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