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No Word From Seller

By Frank

Won the following ebay item on 29th July 2005. Seller was paypal verified. Sent payment through paypal on same date.

Item Number – 6789398510 Item Title – Dell Laptop 17″, 2 Gig CPU, 2Gig Ram Inspiron 9200.

Seller said he would ship item on 1st August 2005. Sent email requesting confirmation of shipment on 2nd August 2005. Seller said he shipped item that morning. Sent reply requesting tracking information. No further response from seller despite numerous emails requesting confirmation.

Received email on 5th August 2005 from eBay Loss Prevention Department urging me not to pay the seller and if i have already done so to file a claim. The seller has had his account suspended and all his items de-listed, including mine (which i paid ~$1600 for). Responded to email from ebay (said to do so if i had questions) requesting further information. Queried seller, no response. I’ve been left in the dark over this whole affair while at an apparent loss of ~$1600.

Was told by ebay on 7th August 2005 to take the matter up with paypal and file a claim with them. They also said they could not provide me with any of the seller’s personal details. Filed the claim the same day (seller yet to respond). Still have heard nothing from seller (today is 9th August 2005) or received anything in the post.

Fear i’m a paypal horror story in the making.

Seller ID: gargantua_a
Name: Abdoul KEITA

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:59 pm

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