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Nobody At PayPal Cared

By Anne

Maybe my short story tops – at least some – the ones given here.

My account was frozen from 10/2001 until today, June 11, 2003. And why that long? Becasue nobody at Paypal cared, why should they, once they have your money – to thoroughly check whether a complaint from a buyer had been settled or not, as I had been trying to tell them in …. emails since that time. the complaint had been settled on 11/5/2001. Buyer sent at least 3 emails to Paypal confirming this. Last week (June 6, 2003) Paypal limited access to a new account that I had started, because of the “cross-refence to the other account”.

Only by the ‘grace of God” I have to say, did I find a Paypal angel, who tried to help me last night. I’d called because the buyer from ‘my past’ had sent them anothr email (from within his Paypal account, as required) informing them that yes she paid me back. And guess what, my new found angel ‘found’ at least one email from the buyer and promised to speed up resolve. Nobody before did, they always denied receipt in various ways, ignoring emails, on the phone: annoyed, rude etc.. This morning I went onto the eBay community board and found a whole section for Paypal victims with a reference to a Paypal person by the name of Damon. I emailed him to and then… about 1 hour later both my accounts were opened again. And I received an email to that effect.

Did they apologize for blocked my new account as well, without cause? No. Did they apologize and refund me all the extra fees I had to pay elsewhere for transactions via other means?  No, of course not.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:46 am

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