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Notice To PayPal

By Mike O’Brien

I am really tired of being part of the “Great Unwashed Middle Class’ getting screwed by big business and expected to sit back and do nothing about it.

Delivery by Email and Hard Copy land mail.

In the matter of PAYPAL (KMM32478267V18830L0KM)
In the Matter of SquareTrade (Case 888957063)
In the matter of Ebay (3422580206)

To PayPal
PayPal, Inc.
1840 Embarcadero Rd
Palo Alto CA 94303


1) With this notice I inform you that I have on or about 29 July 2003 cancelled all of my credit cards which you are holding on my behalf and hereby withdraw your authority to debit any of my accounts, thereby if need be, ceasing all business relations with you due to your unsatisfactory performance and breach of contract, as set out in the information that follows. Under no circumstances should a business relationship result in improper damages to a customer. I have been so damaged. In fairness and as a courtesy I set out the specifics below.

Any unrelated, legitimate and fair accounts owing to you will be paid by me in a timely manner by land mail money order or certified cheque upon receipt of a proper statement of account. Furthermore, by hard copy of this missive I instruct counsel  xxxxxxxxxxxx  to seek a remedy. [sic - I blank (x) out privacy critical items]

2) As a private endeavour apart from my employment I am an EBay merchant of 12 months. I have 100+ 100% perfect transaction record and have a 60+ verified rating with PayPal over the past year. On 11 July 2003, my auction (3422580206) was hit by a fraud artist who scored a brand-new high-end Intel server processor with certificate and 3-year Mfg warrantee from Intel etc. This is like a commodity in its value assignment and has market value to any person holding the certificate of ownership. I shipped it on the first business day (Monday, 14 July 2003) after PayPal informed me (Saturday, 12 July) it had collected the funds and that the funds were in my account.

3) Delivery was fast to Robert Spears, xxx E xth Street, Flint, MI 48503 (Flint Michigan) and the buyer withdrew payment two-days after the item was shipped, likely just minutes after it was delivered. [sic - I blank (x) out privacy critical items] In tracing this delivery I even had someone go to the Post office in Flint to check on the package which they said was delivered. Canada Post tracking took it from Aurora on the 14th to Customs Clearance at Mississauga (Toronto International Airport) the Morning of the 16th and delivery the next day in Flint Michigan.

PayPal Info:
Transaction Date: Jul 12, 2003
Transaction Amount: -$103.45
Case Number: PP-020-152-648
Buyer’s Name: Robert Spears
Buyer’s Email:

(What is peculiar here is that the buyer’s email address has no IP address assigned to it and email servers are inclined to bounce it. Why would PayPal be giving me such an address. Apparently the buyer has received none of my emails. Also, the phone number supplied by Ebay is a dead line.)

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 4:58 am

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