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Numerous Unresolved problems!

I have posted this latest complaint I sent to paypal up and down their Facebook page since I emailed them and started the formal complaints process. They have deleted my post and my problem is still COMPLETELY UNRESOLVED !! :-)

On Sunday 04 August 2013 PayPal stopped me from transferring my own money £31! from my own – verified paypal account, into my own- verified- bank account. I wasted over an hour on calling paypal and my bank on this date and was given no resolution from customer services, who refused to escalate my problem.
After waiting for 24hrs when PayPal finally decided that I could have my own money transferred into my own bank account, I tried to withdraw a small amount of my own money- £40! – from my own – verified – paypal account, into my- verified- bank account. PayPal obstructed this simple legitimate transaction again- despite having “checked the legitimacy” of the previous translation to the same – verified- bank account less than a few hours ago, and satisfying your suspicion that all is not well!
I then wasted well over an hour again on the phone to customer service, who refused to escalate my call, either in relation to the problem or as a complaint.
Customer service team members spoken to- Chris Adam, Danielle, and Orla. All refused to give a surname, their managers name, or the Team they worked on.
I was refused all information relating to the specific team I would need to speak to , to resolve my problem. I was told that every aspect of paypals business was processed on automated computer systems , which could not be accessed by any human being, and the only way to resolve account limitations was to wait and see if this happened by itself or not !!! I was also told that there were no other departments- in particular NO Fraud Team, and NO Security Department, only customer service , who cannot resolve any problems , nor pass on problems to resolution to any other department.
I STILL DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY ( from my own verified paypal account which I attempted to transfer in to my own verified bank account) I have wasted several hours of my life.
I have no resolution to the problem.
I have no guarantee that this wont happen again later today, tomorrow , and any other day this week I make the same transaction.
I have received abysmal service.
I do not see why I should bother to continue to use paypal.

Posted: August 6, 2013 at 4:54 pm

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One thought on “Numerous Unresolved problems!
  1. sam thompson on

    They do have a Dept in KY. I’ve called them and even had to Fax paperwork to them to fix my issue.