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On Paypal And Hackers

By Joel

On August 25th around 10 pm, I went to a gas station to buy gas but my paypal card was declined, I wondered what happened since I had about $600 in the account. I rushed to my house to find out on the Internet what was going on. I dicovered that $625 dollars was paid from my account to one Kelly Sauer for Rodcet (I still don’t know what Rodcet is) I quickly made a reversal on the payment which Paypal did.

I followed all the instructions to reverse the payment all to no avail…while I was waiting for $625 to be reversed, another two set of payments ($800 & $945) were made from my paypal on the night of Friday Sept 12th, 2003. I did the usual thing but this time paypal let the payment went through. I called paypal to dispute the payment only to hear from Paypal’s rep that there is nothing they could do to help.

I asked them to investigate or supply me with the information of the recipients but my plea went unheard. To my understanding if a paypal customer makes payment for a product, is it not within the customer’s right to know the details about the recipient? Further investigation reveals that both the payer and recipient of my fund are members of I am still investigating this silly world of playerauctions.

The whole world must realize that paypal collaborates with hackers to steal their customers money otherwise they would be interested in investigating all transcations so as to protect their customers. A total of $2,750 was stolen from my account with the aid and full support of paypal inc.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 6:06 am

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