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Only On Buyer’s Side

By Anne

I have been a Paypal user for almost 4 years now.  I have just recently got scammed by a buyer and paypal took their side.  I had been shipping to this customer for over 2 years.  I even trusted her enough to ship items to her before she paid in full.  She paid me 1000.00 and she still owes me 927.00 for merchandise that I had shipped her and she said she would pay later.  Well, for almost a month I never heard from her and when I checked the tracking# to Germany, it said it was delivered. I e-mailed her numerous times and she still didn’t respond and then last week (March 8th), I get this e-mail from Paypal that she had filed for unauthorized funds, so Paypal held 1000.00 (payment
scammer made to me) asking for tracking# info.  I e-mailed them the tracking# with all the e-mail correspondence with scammer saying that she had sent me that 1000.00 and will pay me the rest later. 

Well, sadly Paypal gave her the money back stating that I did not qualify for seller protection policy because it was shipped outside the U.S.  So, now I’m out 1000.00 + 927.00 + merchandise! So, sellers beware, Paypal does not side with sellers even if you have all the tracking info available!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:17 pm

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