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Open To Negotiation

By Pinki

 Let me bringforth this unfortunate incident and experience of mine with eBay and Paypal, and I swear that you will never ever would like to have any business relation with Paypal in the future.

I sold a laptop on for USD889 that was purchased by Greg Storey(add is 4405 10th St,Rochester,MN 55901,507-5298080).He told to ship the item to 1493 park place apt d3,Brooklyn NY 11213.Same day I received email from him confirmimg the payment by a Credit Card of Sarah Kirkman.I got email from Sarah Kirkman confirming the same.The money was deposited to my Paypal a/c and I transferred the amount to my bank.On 3/1/05 I received email from Paypal informing that a chargeback(Case#:PP-069-696-281)had been filed against me by Sarah Kirkman. After this the amount was taken from my a/c by Paypal and I was told to wait until they investigate.Soon Paypal informed the case had gone against me & told me to pay back the money.

Now they are threatening to sue me & turn me to collections.Paypal and ebay have refused to cover me under their Seller Protection Policy as I have not done 50 transactions thru them. Also Paypal & ebay have taken commissions out of these transactions. Even Paypal has charged me for the chargeback investigation.I shipped the item thru USPS. The tracking no.(23013460000003247432)shows that the laptop was received by G Storey.I have all the supporting documents & emails. I asked Paypal & ebay to provide me with information of the Credit Card holder & the company so that I can contact them as I am unable to contact G Storey. But they refused to provide me with the info.I have also filed a police complaint(05-11045)with Wilsonville(OR)police station.I have reported the case to FBI as well (I05032512058595).

Both of them have refused to investigate the matter as the amount involved is not big enough. Now I have lost the laptop & being forced to pay the money.eBay & Paypal are making people vulnerable to these kind of frauds as of the way they do business. Their policy span over a large no. of pages & contain a no. of links which makes it very complicated and difficult to understand.One clause says that they can change their policy anytime without notice and all their users need to abi I am open to negotiation although I haven’t done anything wrong. I simply cannot give away my laptop for free and then also pay the money for it. Instead of penalizing the seller, Paypal should do that to the buyer.

They definitely need to provide a safer business ground so that innocent people don’t get defrauded. Both ebay and Paypal should try to protect the seller without conditions if the person is able to provide evidence of authenticity of his transaction.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that these people are still in business for so long and there is none to help innocent people like us. Is this at all possible and easy to believe?

Well that’s exactly what has happened and now I am paying the penalty for it.

After you have read this, Beware!!!…if you are not you can continue to risk your money everytime!!


Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:50 am

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