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Overcharge on transaction fees over 9 year period

I have been overcharged by at least 1 percent on my transaction fees over many years, and been overcharged by a lesser percent for many more years.

I have claimed a refund of these fees from this period but they have refused to refund the fees, and the Financial Ombudsman will not take any action.

Their terms and conditions on their fees clearly showed that the fees due for monthly transactions reduced as the transactions increased. However, as my transactions increased over the years, they never reduced my fees accordingly.

Basically they are saying – hard luck.

Is there a possible claim for something like an ‘unfair contract’, fraud or any other way that they can be forced to honour their own scale of charges on public display?

Posted: October 26, 2012 at 2:06 pm

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One thought on “Overcharge on transaction fees over 9 year period
  1. Torie on

    check the user agreement before you make any attempts going after paypal. They have hidden all sorts of crap in there that they hide behind pretty much leaving them responsible for nothing. I would think you are not the only one that have had this happen to your but PayPal is going to keep doing it until the users pick up on it and then say “ops my bad nothing we can do about it” When it comes to paypal it is: User beware!