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PayPal debited my non-primary bank account for no reason

I have two bank accounts registered with these bunch of idiots (PayPal). One is marked as primary but they decided to take funds out of the non primary account. I phoned customer services and asked Craig why they did this, … Continue reading

Refund refusal for wrong & returned item

This is a negative rating if that were possible. They are horrible. I have filed a complaint with them, my bank and the BBB. That is just the beginning. It’s is my intention to post THIER dishonesty & unreliable business … Continue reading

Paypal is holding my money even after I met all their requirements

I created my account in 2009. At that time you only needed to get 10+ feedback scores to sell on ebay. The first Item I sold sold for about $1000.00 and I received positive feedback for it. I sold a … Continue reading

PayPal took my money (not EBay)

For some reason I have a habit of checking my PayPal account amount before I go on EBay. And it’s good I did because this morning I found that PayPal had deducted 4.46 from my account at the same time … Continue reading

Banned because my husband was banned

My husband was unjustly permanently banned from Paypal because he purchased a gold coin, which, once he received it, turned out to be counterfeit, so he disputed the charge. Paypal permanently banned him, and even though I had a separate … Continue reading

Will my Email to Paypal CEO help?

SUBJECT: Customer Complaint, Dear PayPal CEO: I am a PayPal and eBay customer. I am writing to you as a last resort. Your company has treated me very badly and has left me with no choice but to contact you. … Continue reading

Paypal ripped me off

Months ago i opened a paypal account and sold an iphone to this guy tracking information signature confirmation etc…the guy claimed the box was empty and after an appeal i received my 450.00 but paypal froze them for six months … Continue reading

Can I take Paypal to court?

Hi I was a seller on ebay and received fraud paypal emails telling me the transaction was processing. I sent the item out based on these “paypal” emails saying the transaction was processing. The site never actually had a transaction … Continue reading

The Paypal system is terrible

The Paypal system is terrible. I just opened an account, last week, thinking it would be the quickest and most efficient way of getting paid. The opposite was true. The money took forever to clear and I am having problems … Continue reading

PayPal limit people’s accounts and hold their money for their own benefits.

I am using paypal as a mode of payment for my online job. Some of my friends drop their salaries as well to my account as they can’t have an access to a bank. Now, paypal has limited my account … Continue reading