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Paypal cheat seller

A very bad experience with Paypal, it is my 1st and last time useing Paypal, i am new to Paypal, 03/09/2014 my buyer transfer me USD $320, and USD $744, and chasing me to release digital item, i called paypal … Continue reading

Never get involved with Paypal!

Long story short. I opened a ebay account to test the waters on selling items. You had to open up a paypal account. I registered my banking and credit card information. I was a verified seller (not many people are … Continue reading

Double charged for refund

I have money due me as a seller which PayPal has not paid me yet. I also was charged twice for a refund i agreed to pay to an unhappy buyer. This refund was charged twice, once to my paypal … Continue reading

Frozen account

I made two Paypal payments in one day. I accidentally took one of the payments out of my alternative checking account. I realized it, and went back in and paid the $1000. I assumed it was an “instant transfer” as … Continue reading

Withdrew funds but never received them

I withdrew a sizable sum from my Paypal account on 6th August. It has not arrived in my bank account. My bank has no record of it, though it was marked as completed on Paypal ten days ago. Paypal just … Continue reading

I would rather waste a day in court than speak to another Paypal moron

April 8, 2014 a client and friend sent me his liability insurance premium deposit through Paypal after requesting an invoice through Paypal. Four months after the transaction, the client and friend looks at old Amex statement and forgets the transaction … Continue reading

PayPal sided with buyer despite my proof

Sent a well tested (verifiable proof) set of batteries to a buyer on a forum. Buyer incorrectly charged batteries damaging. After two days of using batteries and after damaging, the buyer opens dispute. I provide proof to paypal that these … Continue reading

No money to pay for shipping

I’m furious with Paypal for holding not only the money for the item I sold on eBay, but the shipping money also. How are people supposed to pay to ship the item if they are holding even the shipping money? … Continue reading

Got ripped off selling crypto currency

I sold some crypto currency. The buyer sent me screenshots from various paypal accounts to confirm that he had made payment. I sent him the crypto. In his emails to me he disclosed that he had many paypal accounts.He later … Continue reading

PayPal allows seller with bad history to continue selling

Hi, I would like to register an issue that I have with PayPal. I purchased a phone cover from eBay using a guest account for AUS$24.9. the cover was described as brand new. The seller sent me an used one … Continue reading