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PayPal took my money (not EBay)

For some reason I have a habit of checking my PayPal account amount before I go on EBay. And it’s good I did because this morning I found that PayPal had deducted 4.46 from my account at the same time … Continue reading

Banned because my husband was banned

My husband was unjustly permanently banned from Paypal because he purchased a gold coin, which, once he received it, turned out to be counterfeit, so he disputed the charge. Paypal permanently banned him, and even though I had a separate … Continue reading

Will my Email to Paypal CEO help?

SUBJECT: Customer Complaint, Dear PayPal CEO: I am a PayPal and eBay customer. I am writing to you as a last resort. Your company has treated me very badly and has left me with no choice but to contact you. … Continue reading

Paypal ripped me off

Months ago i opened a paypal account and sold an iphone to this guy tracking information signature confirmation etc…the guy claimed the box was empty and after an appeal i received my 450.00 but paypal froze them for six months … Continue reading

Can I take Paypal to court?

Hi I was a seller on ebay and received fraud paypal emails telling me the transaction was processing. I sent the item out based on these “paypal” emails saying the transaction was processing. The site never actually had a transaction … Continue reading

The Paypal system is terrible

The Paypal system is terrible. I just opened an account, last week, thinking it would be the quickest and most efficient way of getting paid. The opposite was true. The money took forever to clear and I am having problems … Continue reading

PayPal limit people’s accounts and hold their money for their own benefits.

I am using paypal as a mode of payment for my online job. Some of my friends drop their salaries as well to my account as they can’t have an access to a bank. Now, paypal has limited my account … Continue reading

My business is on standstill because of limited Paypal account

My business is registered in an African country as that is where we source from, and we are a fair trade business trying to do the right thing by our staff. I am British with an address here (travel between … Continue reading

Mastercard expired and Paypal wouldn’t let me get a new one

Well, i had a good going with paypal, i only had one account, and i was working with the debit mastercard card, well my card expired, i have to say that i don’t have a SSN, but i do have … Continue reading

Protection promised is not the same as protection offered

“My Complaint Case is concluded against my request as “Paypal were unable to recover any funds from the seller’s account” even if the item (mobile phone) is not delivered to me, due to customs regulations in Turkey. I can clearly … Continue reading