This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

If you are a seller you are wasting your money to use Paypal

On 10 Apr 14, I sold a Genuine Rolex (checked by dealer) to a buyer for $3900. My ad had several clear pictures and accurate description. first the buyer said the band was scratched and wanted to return it (but … Continue reading

PayPal is not safe for sellers

Paypal, from our experience, does whatever it takes to float funds as long as possible. We’ve experienced numerous cases where, without any prior communication, an ebay buyer will file a paypal case (not an ebay case), with some vague, ‘product … Continue reading

Being charged twice by paypal

I have an eBay account which I sell misc. things on. When I sell an item I charge the customer the shipping fee accordingly. I then will pay to have my label printed, print the label and ship my item. … Continue reading

Paypal Stole $500,000 From ME!!!!!!

I was saving money in my paypal account. One day, I get a call from PayPal and am told that I forgot to pay someone money ($40). So I tell them to go on  take the required amount and they … Continue reading

PayPal just took my money

I have had it with paypal myself. I paid for some things all at one time, now the vendor says he did not get the money. So now I am out that money. Then I buy something else and the … Continue reading

PayPal and exchange rates

I just cancelled my paypal account because I refuse to be forced my Paypal in an exchange rate that is mandatory. I want my credit card company to do the conversion at a more favorable rate. A simple store credit … Continue reading

No money, no product and no resolution

I paid for item from a seller including shipping. Seller told me she needed more money so i am to open a dispute with her for extra money because she didnt mean to send second item to the wrong address. … Continue reading

Pay Pal Stole $1700

We are publishing a magazine on the west coast we do about $60,000 in sales would have done more but we sold a Non Refundable license to a B*tch in Sacramento. She gets the exclusive for 4 month so we … Continue reading

PayPal Policy Updates coming soon and it’s not all good  warn everyone paypal reports and steals your information! Policy Updates This page informs users in advance of important changes to the PayPal service, its User Agreement, or other policies. This page displays policy updates with future effective dates. … Continue reading

Paypal took funds despite seller issuing refund

I have sent a payment through my bank account and the seller REFUNDED me the next day. PayPal still took the money out of my account EVEN THOUGH the seller REFUNDED ME WAYYYY BEFORE PAYPAL HAD A CHANCE OF TAKING … Continue reading