This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Tons of promised emails blah blah blah but nothing ever happens

Paypal Double charged me. Made me jump through hoop after hoop to get MY Money out. Pay them thousands of dollars just for them to let me put my guard down, put a $3000 small business grant in the account … Continue reading

Limited, got limits lifted only to be limited again

I recently sold a watch on eBay, before the auction on eBay finished, I sent paypal the necessary documents to lift my account limits. After the watch was sold and the buyer paid through paypal, I called paypal because my … Continue reading

Paypal has proven themselves to be quite useless when it comes to protecting sellers

I received an offer for some computer parts that I was selling. This guy offered a fair price but requested that I ship the parts to Brazil and lie to customs about the value. I agreed, I figured “hey, if … Continue reading

PayPal Problems as a Customer: Many

PayPal: 1. Literally sat and read a copy of a 2001 lease application I made for an apartment that is currently posted at a Lexus/Nexus credit internet site-obviously without my knowledge or consent. (Not the cars- a ‘third party credit … Continue reading

Returned product was broken but paypal still rewarded buyer

Sold a hi-fi amp the buyer said it didn’t work paypal took my balance and gave him his money back the amp was returned with the top cover stoved in but it was working perfectly I asked for the “buyers” … Continue reading

Buyer dismantled product and then requested refund

Through no fault of my own, my item has been irreparably damaged by the buyer, leaving me with significant liquidated damages. The buyer, by his own admission, dismantled the vintage microphone after he received it, to inspect it internally. He … Continue reading

PayPal Claims Process

I am so angry I can barely find the words. I filed a complaint for non-delivery of some items I had ordered from a vendor in Australia. I had good results from him previously, but on this particular order I … Continue reading

Buyer Protection crap!!!

On bricklink (a store where individuals sell and buy legos), I ordered a lego set from a seller. The seller make a mistake on the shipping process and the item got mailed back to him. The seller emailed me stating … Continue reading

Buyer pretended to not understand English and then scammed me

Sold an item to Germany and sent invoice for £43.20. The buyer ( after several emails explain the cost inc postage said she didn’t understand English and sent me £93.20. I immediately refunded her £51.90. Three weeks later she opened … Continue reading

PayPal sold my bank account information to China

PayPal sells my bank information, including both my account number and debit card, to China. This has happened on several occasions. Shenzhen, China is the originating site. When asked about their lack of confidentiality, they tell me it must be … Continue reading