This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Did not receive refund for shipping despite being promised that

I made a purchase from ebay the amount of 211.80$ I initially received the product from California they were 2 phones which were defective I tried to contact the seller and got no respond so I immediately contacted pay pal. … Continue reading

Pay Pal forces me to convert US funds

I live in Canada and I have an ebay account. I list all of my items in USD as per the recommendations of ebay and because I sell to a lot of people in Asia. I have opened a USD … Continue reading

PayPal’s system is so broken

I have problems logging into my account when trying to pay for items with PayPal. I am told my password is incorrect but if I purchase from eBay the same password works! When I try and contact anyone, which the … Continue reading

PayPal is requesting invoices on gifts I sold.

I had a celebration and received a lot of presents, some of which I had no use for. I sold them on ebay and because they were sold at £200 each paypal and ebay restricted my account and are now … Continue reading

PayPal the worst way to pay and get paid!!

I received notice when I logged into paypal that since I haven’t used paypal in a while my account was limited until I gave them my bank account verify address social security number I did all of the above. The … Continue reading

PayPal is trying to link an account with a negative balance to me

I have a limited status on my PayPal account. I called PayPal to ask what it’s about and they said that my PayPal account is linked to another older PayPal account which has been closed and had a negative balance … Continue reading

Paypal does not accept my proof of delivery

I had sold an item on eBay, posted with recorded delivery with an online tracking service. The buyer then files an unauthorized payment case, so I resolve the case by providing the online tracking. Days later, Royalmail posts online that … Continue reading

15 year perfect selling record and I get treated like roadkill

Ugh, I was so naive to Paypal, and truly thought they were the saviors of the internet…. Until I had an issue. After 15 years of a perfect record, mind you, they took the side of a buyer to whom … Continue reading

PayPal “pending” protocol

PayPal made my life a living hell! Their stupid “pending balance” protocol is applied by default to everyone, regardless of if you are a seller or not. Well, I for one am not a seller; I am a freelancer who … Continue reading

Bad Experiences with Paypal

Horrible experiences with Paypal: I purchased some tailored shirts and the seller sent a few ill fitting shirts then stopped communicating after Paypals 45 day refund had lapsed. Good scam as it takes longer than 45 days for shirts. Paypal … Continue reading