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Never ever use paypal for anything…ever!

It’s unbeleeeeeeevable!!! 36 hours of dealing with them over at PayPal,.. they said back up your account and it’ll be immediate pay through paypal.. So I set up 2 credit cards and my bank account..weeks in advance..and made sure all … Continue reading

Threatened to contact attorney general and got paypal account unlimited

I recently had my paypal account PERMANENTLY LIMITED after four years of using it solely for eBay shopping for I’m not a seller. Yet, ‘for security reasons’ they banned me from using my paypal. Well, they decided to keep my … Continue reading

Stay away from Paypal Merchant Services at all costs

Last year we had client interested in paying us through Paypal. When I tried to sign our business account up with them, they connected it to my personal account. So we couldn’t go ahead with it. Now we have another … Continue reading

Account frozen, not allowed to close it

We have a holiday house that we rent out. Out of the blue, our account was frozen and we were asked to present a multitude of paperwork, including deeds to the property, business registration, license, tax receipts, sales model, sales … Continue reading

PayPal and ebay is all the same garbage

After realizing my eBay page was temporarily suspended due to a past due amount of $300 I immediately made a payment to bring the account current. My account was reinstated but my selling privileges were “indefinitely suspended”. After a year, … Continue reading

Buyer returned different item, a fake

Hello, maybe you can help I sold a pair of pre-owned Christian louboution on ebay authentic ofcorse and 5 days after buyer received them they open paypal claim saying they were fake and wanted to return. I’ve sold Many high … Continue reading

A lying buyer can ruin it all for a seller

PayPal & ebay have suspended my account after only a total of 5 or 6 negative feedback in almost 2 years! Not to mention that several were NOT legitimate!! I went through a though time back in July 2013 taking … Continue reading

Never ever move if you want to keep your Paypal account

I was living in Australia and opened an account there, and for many years used it with no problems. Then I left Australia and moved to another country, but still used my Paypal account. One day they decided to freeze … Continue reading

Complaint against paypal for error I made

I wanted to send $2,000 to a company and pay by credit card. I used my husband’s paypal account (as per his instructions). I was not familiar with paying on paypal and clicked the wrong payment option. Not knowing that … Continue reading

Paypal is helping, not hindering criminals

I recently make a purchase of $260 on ebay and paid through paypal of course! because what other site out there guarantees what paypal does? well.. my account is limited with a -$260 balance because their process and coverage failed … Continue reading