This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Paypal’s illegal activities

My concern is simply this; Paypal Inc., with its subsidiary Paypal pte ltd of Singapore overlooking Japanese customers are violating Title 8 US codes 2323, 982 & 2320 by accessory after the fact in money transfers of Chinese counterfeit exports … Continue reading

PayPal refuses to stop charging me for cancelled order

Order went through 2 times, vendor cancelled the mistake, paypal won’t accept that and tries to deduct double money for mistake purchase, tried to tell them it was corrected, no money in my account to cover two purchases, they said … Continue reading

21 day hold doesn’t work when you try and run a business

My biggest complaint with PayPal is their uncompromising position on “holding” my funds for 21 days and then charging 3%+ for processing payments! Like most, I’m trying to run a screen printing and vinyl sign business; Sometimes I NEED access … Continue reading

Item Not As Described

I purchased a red puffer feather down jacket, women extra large on Feb 15th 2014. Despite the tag inside the SERGIO VALENTE Jacket I purchased marked extra large. I could not put my arm through the jacket, consequently the jacket … Continue reading

ebay and Paypal is all the same horrible company

Ebay and paypal are the same company if you love being screwed by the same company under two different names then keep dealing with them. To make it an even more horrible experience try BillMeLater (BML) they just empty your … Continue reading

How is Paypal allowed to hold my funds for 6 months??

I was a happy user of paypal with how most places i shop at online accept it and did a lot of my own business transactions through them, until that is this past weekend, when without warning i learnt that … Continue reading

Why is the buyer always right?

So I sold an item on ebay. The buyer claimed I mis-represented the $8 clothing item & demanded a full refund. I felt like they called me liar. My page said “no returns” but I tried to be reasonable & … Continue reading

I am going on a mission to bring PayPal down!!

Sold an engine to a clown in ND he suggested we use Scam Pal. paid me, PP took their fees….I took 800.00 and transferred it to my bank, left some money in the PP account. guy receives engine… complaint! puts … Continue reading

I am a victim of Paypal

I am a victim of Paypal. I have or used to have a Paypal account until there was case open due to my friend wanted to pay me back what he owes through Paypal, but his mother had called the … Continue reading

I won appeal but can’t collect my money

I sold a TiVo Premier on eBay with Lifetime Service once the user received it he filled a complaint saying I said it was a XL model but no where in listing does it say XL and also claimed that … Continue reading