This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal verification is a bit excessive

Hi, decided to buy a product on ebay. Did the payment through PayPal (which is mandatory for some reason??!!) only to get it rejected. When I called they said I needed to send them a certificate of residency, copy of … Continue reading

Paypal Account limitations

Recently and without warning our paypal account got “limited”, because it went over $1,000. This meant we cannot access our money, transfer, make reimbursements, nothing. While our customers still place orders and money keeps running in, paypal effectively keeps our … Continue reading

PayPal Customer service incredible rude

I called PayPal because they had taken money out of my account without my knowledge. The person I spoke to was so rude she made me sick to me stomach. She even cut my call and forwarded it to ebay … Continue reading

I have lost over $10k thanks to Paypal

I started a business in January 2014 hosting online parties via Facebook. It was very successful until one woman decided to start her own business doing the same exact thing. She then told everyone at the Facebook parties that I … Continue reading

Paypal is taking my survey money

I am a Disabled Veteran and I am on the internet most of my waking hours and I enter ever sweepstakes contests giveaways and surveys to win something like a car or a home because I live at a Group … Continue reading

PayPal is allowing buyer to keep our phone and their money.

We sold a iphone4 to a buyer…the buyer told us we sent the wrong item.. They wanted us to send the right item.. We explained to buyer that it was our only phone.. They sent a message asking us what … Continue reading

PayPal is siding with fraudulent seller

I bought an item off eBay using PayPal well the add read men’s 14k gold 2.5 caret diamond stud earring well it was a complete fake. I have been dealing with PayPal since March 31 2014 sending them faxes pictures … Continue reading

About a member of the PayPal staff

This incident happened at 3’0 clock to 25 past 3. This male paypal staff member was being slightly funny with me in a fedup way so then I went mad back at the staff because this question that this staff … Continue reading

Paypal closed my account down

I have a bed and breakfast on the coast. We have themed rooms one of which has a few whips and chains and done up with fifty shades of grey in mind. When customers book the rooms I ask for … Continue reading

CUSTOM ORDERS are not covered by Buyer Protection

A customer ordered a custom made fountain pen which is out of production, but was being offered by the manufacturer. He sent me $6200.00, of which I paid manufacturer $5200.00 which was non-refundable. The customer knew this. He filed a … Continue reading