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PayPal is requesting invoices on gifts I sold.

I had a celebration and received a lot of presents, some of which I had no use for. I sold them on ebay and because they were sold at £200 each paypal and ebay restricted my account and are now … Continue reading

PayPal the worst way to pay and get paid!!

I received notice when I logged into paypal that since I haven’t used paypal in a while my account was limited until I gave them my bank account verify address social security number I did all of the above. The … Continue reading

PayPal is trying to link an account with a negative balance to me

I have a limited status on my PayPal account. I called PayPal to ask what it’s about and they said that my PayPal account is linked to another older PayPal account which has been closed and had a negative balance … Continue reading

Paypal does not accept my proof of delivery

I had sold an item on eBay, posted with recorded delivery with an online tracking service. The buyer then files an unauthorized payment case, so I resolve the case by providing the online tracking. Days later, Royalmail posts online that … Continue reading

15 year perfect selling record and I get treated like roadkill

Ugh, I was so naive to Paypal, and truly thought they were the saviors of the internet…. Until I had an issue. After 15 years of a perfect record, mind you, they took the side of a buyer to whom … Continue reading

PayPal “pending” protocol

PayPal made my life a living hell! Their stupid “pending balance” protocol is applied by default to everyone, regardless of if you are a seller or not. Well, I for one am not a seller; I am a freelancer who … Continue reading

Bad Experiences with Paypal

Horrible experiences with Paypal: I purchased some tailored shirts and the seller sent a few ill fitting shirts then stopped communicating after Paypals 45 day refund had lapsed. Good scam as it takes longer than 45 days for shirts. Paypal … Continue reading

I was stupid enough to give PayPal a second chance

A client ordered 4 spiritual services totaling $165. When his credit card company did charge back PayPal removed the funds from my account. They said it will take at least 30 days to settle. I’ve sent them proof of him … Continue reading

Sold my GI Joes and got funds on hold

I was selling on eBay for about a month with 100% positive feedback. Selling off my personal collection of vintage GI Joes. One guy bought six of my Joes over a month ago. This week he files a complaint with … Continue reading

I have been cheated by Paypal, ebay and buyer

I worked my EBay for 5 yrs I am disabled and rely on the income from home I operate a non profit animal rescue with proceeds from sales off of EBay. I sold a saddle the buyer kept the saddle … Continue reading