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I am a victim of Paypal

I am a victim of Paypal. I have or used to have a Paypal account until there was case open due to my friend wanted to pay me back what he owes through Paypal, but his mother had called the … Continue reading

I won appeal but can’t collect my money

I sold a TiVo Premier on eBay with Lifetime Service once the user received it he filled a complaint saying I said it was a XL model but no where in listing does it say XL and also claimed that … Continue reading

The truth is the last thing PayPal cares about

I sold a pair of shoes off eBay using paypal only to move things along quicker. The buyer agreed to my asking price and said they would pay right away. They told me the money was sent but I seen … Continue reading

This is the story of how fast paypal and ebay can ruin your life

I ran 3 ebay accounts 1999-2010. Self employed for 10 years, employed 3 people, operated office and warehouse. Largest shipping operation in my rural county according to USPS. Had over 10,500 PFB on primary account and nearly 18,000 on other … Continue reading

To date I have lost $4360.00 using Paypal and eBay

I’m going to try and give the short version. if not i’ll make myself so upset I’ll be useless all day. Bought a car threw ebay, via a seller. paid 3100.00 seller kept money and car, yes paid with paypal, … Continue reading

Buyer claimed unauthorized transaction

I sold digital goods to a person for $27 USD. About a week later I check my emails and the money has been charged back, instantly! I couldn’t believe it. I called PayPal and they told me that it was … Continue reading

PayPal Chargeback horror

I had a payment taken on my website on 10/28/2013 via paypal. Paypal placed the payment on hold for 526.07 for 24 hours then released the funds stating that i could ship the item. I waited an additional two business … Continue reading

Hold placed on cancelled transaction funds

On 1/31/14 I attempted to transfer $2010 to my nephew. On the SAME day (1/31/14) the transaction was denied and cancelled because he did not accept the payment. However, Paypal put a hold on the funds 3 days LATER on … Continue reading

Buyers have all the power

I had a horrible experience with a buyer leaving nasty comments, defamed my character, left a very nasty negative response, made fun of where I am from….all of this I explained to several people from eBay, to no avail. I … Continue reading

Frozen account

PayPal have frozen my account due to alleged misuse of the customers credit card. Although Paypal say the account is frozen they are reducing the amount originally frozen from subsequent payments from website customers. PayPal now advise me that they … Continue reading