This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

A lying buyer can ruin it all for a seller

PayPal & ebay have suspended my account after only a total of 5 or 6 negative feedback in almost 2 years! Not to mention that several were NOT legitimate!! I went through a though time back in July 2013 taking … Continue reading

Never ever move if you want to keep your Paypal account

I was living in Australia and opened an account there, and for many years used it with no problems. Then I left Australia and moved to another country, but still used my Paypal account. One day they decided to freeze … Continue reading

Complaint against paypal for error I made

I wanted to send $2,000 to a company and pay by credit card. I used my husband’s paypal account (as per his instructions). I was not familiar with paying on paypal and clicked the wrong payment option. Not knowing that … Continue reading

Paypal is helping, not hindering criminals

I recently make a purchase of $260 on ebay and paid through paypal of course! because what other site out there guarantees what paypal does? well.. my account is limited with a -$260 balance because their process and coverage failed … Continue reading

PayPal put a monthly limit on my account

I signed up for a PayPal account and somehow, my deceased Father’s name (not even the same last name) appeared on my account. I attempted numerous times to change it. No go. I linked my bank account in order to … Continue reading

If you are smart stay away from Ebay & PaPal unless you are a buyer of course

I sold an item, an Xbox 360 with games on Ebay, the buyer paid, and I shipped the item all the way from Newburgh, Indiana to the state of Washington. The Item was refused upon delivery because the buyer’s son … Continue reading

What can a seller do with shady buyers?

I had a buyer decide that the item they purchased was not as described. Which it was. They said it was damaged. Which it wasn’t. It was listed as used with wear. PayPal decided in the buyers favor and they … Continue reading

Sellers protection is a lie.

One buyer from China purchased 2 moldavites from me. After shipping the parcel it was returned from China because of insufficient delivery address stated by the buyer on ebay. I offered to buyer full refund but the buyer gave me … Continue reading

Paypal is just another attempt to impose US regulations on the rest of the world.

Some time ago I spent my vacations on Cuba. Since European countries do not subscribe the ridiculous embargo of the US on Cuba that after 60 years did not achieve any of the intended goals, I did not expect any … Continue reading

Sold Tablet and buyer cheated me.

As a European private person, I sold a 450$ Samsung tablet via Ebay to the U.S. in mint condition. Buyer choose cheap slow shipping, and as soon as 4 days after shipping he changed his mind. He didn’t tell me … Continue reading