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Unauthorized charges by PayPal

I do not know where to begin since my issues with PAYPAL are so complicated. In a nutshell, I placed an online order to MICROSOFT STORE only to see that charges were doubled. I IMMEDIATELY contacted GAY from PAYPAL where … Continue reading

14 years and paypal decides to hold my funds

I have been involved with ebay since 1999. I have over 1000 transactions, 100% positive feedback of over 1500. All of a sudden I get one too many low DSR’s back in June that put me over the limit statistically, … Continue reading

PayPal refunded scammer

A couple of months ago we sold a set of wheels to a guy in the Ukraine, we used Paypal as our payment method. We followed their protocol as such, sent the goods to the customer by TNT International courier. … Continue reading

I am looking to file a lawsuit against Paypal

Hello, I am looking to file a lawsuit against Paypal on the grounds that: 1. They took money out of my account and awarded it to one of my customers who received the item she bought from me and the … Continue reading

Paypal is blocking my credit card and account

Recently a ticket service I had to deal with only accepted PayPal payments. I tried using my credit card without registering and it got declined. I then recalled that I did have a paypal account that I made about a … Continue reading

Suspended and money held

I only been a seller on ebay for about a year had 539 feedback, out of 539 had 8 negative, my sellers rating went down, wasn’t acceptable to ebay, one minute to the next they deleted all my listings, sending … Continue reading

Paypal account limited but I still don’t know why

Hi I used paypal for years and only had a few bad experiences but then one day to go to sign in and it tells me that my paypal account has been limited. This is what it says: Why is … Continue reading

Yet another eBay/paypal story..but I kind of won this one

I sold a “fiberstars fiberoptics iluminator” on eBay for $300. Shipped it insured with the post office. After 2 weeks buyer opened dispute saying it was not as described when in fact it had been damaged thru the post office. … Continue reading

Paypal guarantee is bogus

I bought an item with Paypal, price was about US$ 50. The seller did not ship the item until I had complained several times. The item he shipped was a counterfeit. I informed Paypal, sent pictures, provided explanations,… more than … Continue reading

Paypal demanded SS#, now account is frozen

The person who ran our business started paypal with their personal ss #. When she left, Paypal demanded a personal ss # to replace it. we are a non-profit corporation and no one was willing to tie their number to … Continue reading