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I received a phone call from Paypal saying I owe them $150

I decided to sell my wife’s old laptop on eBay. Received payment through Paypal, everything went fine, got my money. After a while, I drop off of eBay, after getting a new job and without a single problem with any … Continue reading

Refund is cleared by bank but PayPal puts a hold on it

PayPal took nearly $1700 from my checking account to pay for an item on eBay. The seller backed out of the transaction and issued a refund 2 days after I sent payment. PayPal proceeds to put a hold on *my* … Continue reading

Nothing but problems after canceling a payment

My account was PREVIOUSLY VERIFIED. NONE of the information has changed. The problem began after I cancelled a payment made by paypal that should have been through bill me later. The order was for an expensive generator for several hundred … Continue reading

Can’t use my account to pay for anything

I hold credit cards issued in (at least) 5 different countries. I live in Italy and, despite my name, I am a citizen of Italy. Typically, my credit cards are issued in other countries (not in Italy, that is), but … Continue reading

Tired of having PayPal treating me like an idiot.

I recently won a dispute that had been escalated and the appeal both opened by buyer for item not as described…now somehow a second appeal has been one by buyer(i didnt know this was possible) i have been told i … Continue reading

Suspended after 10 years of using PayPal

I sold one flashed PS3 after 100k+ in legit transactions spread out over over 10 years and was suspended for life. The system I sold while not a criminal offense went against a mod policy of things they don’t allow … Continue reading

Paypal issued 2 refunds for 1 purchase

A buyer stated that they did not receive their purchase from me on eBay. The purchased was tracked and showed that the Buyer received the item. The buyer then stated that the item was not as described and emailed pictures … Continue reading

Anything wrong with PayPal and they blame it on the “system”

Hi,I have had a few problems with paypal but the latest really is the last straw. I sold an item on eBay on the 29.10.2013, the buyer paid on the 29.10.2013 and the money went into my paypal account. I … Continue reading

Funds held with no real reason given

After being an eBay user buyer/seller since 2009 I have never had funds held until now. In the last month every bit of my funds were held on every sale I made. Customer Service gave many reasons why but when … Continue reading

What exactly is a “security issue” with Paypal?

I was using Paypal to process payment for freelance work that I do. I provide software consultation and online training for software and social media. I was using a company/business Paypal account and taking my payments. I also have signed … Continue reading