This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Refund without item (car!) returned

I sold a grey market (European market only) BMW E36 M 6 speed manual transmission for $1700 and after 99 days paypal returned the funds to the buyer stating the items was not as described and without requiring the item … Continue reading

Total Incompetence at Paypal

To whom it may concern at Pay-Pal: I dare you to send this to the founders of your company!!!!! (Cause you are spine-less, cowards) I have spent twelve years of my life and all my money dedicated to teaching and … Continue reading

Money was borrowed without permission by PayPal

I have credit card and checking account on my PayPal account and my credit card marked as “Use this card as your preferred payment method for purchases”. Then I needed to pay for my new motorcycle via PayPal and I … Continue reading

Unauthorized charge to my Visa card by PayPal – and they tried to hide it

I sold an item on Ebay for $900. Two weeks later the buyer filed claim not as described. I offered a full refund and return shipping. Buyer refused to return item. Two more weeks later I found that when I … Continue reading

Database corruption admitted by Paypal

My debit card has been registered with paypal since 11/04/2011 with an expiry date of 08/14. Yesterday I made 11 ebay purchases through paypal with no issue. The 12th transaction failed with an invalid expiry date. On paypal the card … Continue reading

Paypal is sending me to collections for account falsely linked to mine

I have been a member with them since 2005. Zero problems or complaints with my account. I got an email from ebay saying my ebay account was linked to another user. I called to find out what was going on. … Continue reading

Begin a limitation review from Paypal

I originally had a problem with a Website the Seller then offered me a way to pay via PayPal and I did($179.99 and the seller sent me a item that was in pieces compared to the picture the item was … Continue reading

PayPal is Holding my money

After 18 months of selling on eBay, suddenly payPal holds the payments of my sales without any explanation. I have perfect selling record (100% positive feedback, seller rating 4.9, no complains whatsoever, no issues with the accounts, in short – … Continue reading

Hassle free yeah right? Nothing but a hassle with Paypal

I am SO upset with Paypal! A few months ago, my account stopped taking payments from Ebay buyers all of a sudden. Apparently there was a problem with my account because I have the word “Cuba” in my street address … Continue reading

Limited for reaching Spending Limit

All my favorite artists hail from the US, and since I live in Europe, the cheapest way for me to support them is through PayPal. I considered myself educated on the dangers of their service: I never gave them my … Continue reading