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Paypal needs my credit card info to close my account??

Today I decided to find out how I can cancel my paypal account because I realized that I haven’t used paypal in a few years and I don’t plan on using it again since there is a lot of horror … Continue reading

PayPal is a big mistake to WORLD commerce

What in the WORLD is our leaders doing, to allowing a SINGLE entity to control Ebay and making it a (sole) dominant ePayment? It is a great injustice to all. This is why PayPal is becoming a PARASITE in broad … Continue reading

Paypal hold my sales money

I used one of the new gimmick that paypal came up with the token that you can connect to your Iphone to make the sale much easier. I ran a catering company that I charge $ 3000 to $ 7000 … Continue reading

Received email from Paypal it was safe to ship, it was NOT

In May of 2013, I “sold” two smart phones through Ebay, using PayPal as the payment intermediary. The phones were suppose to be shipped to Nigeria. I received a official looking confirmation email from PayPal stating that the funds were … Continue reading

Paypal’s reaction after very strong complaint

Sometimes it can be the other way around: I was the victim of a buyer who – although I checked the “No Return” button – wanted to return a flawless merchandise and even dared to write me an email stating … Continue reading

Paypal Limited Account for Too many disputes

Recently I’ve been receiving many items from ebay sellers that have been faulty and I decided to open up cases because the items I received were faulty. What did paypal do! They blocked my account permanently because they say I … Continue reading

Moneypak Issues with PayPal

So today I have to pay someone 20 dollars to buy something of theirs directly from them online. To do this I need to transfer money to them through Paypal since they are in Canada and I am in the … Continue reading

Paypal doesn’t protect their merchants

I would highly advise any merchant to not use PayPal. The only way we can take down PayPal is to refuse to use their services to accept payments. Yes I know PayPal is convenient, but that convenience comes at a … Continue reading

How does PayPal get away with it??

How does PayPal get away with it. They are holding 1,313.00 of my money for 180 days… how is that even legal. Who do they think they are anyways. Is there any possible way to get my money back sooner? … Continue reading

PayPal & eBay Suck, got ripped off by seller!

I acquired a new job in June of this year which required an oil-resistant non-skid leather work shoe. I bought a paid of Rocky US Postal Service specification leather work shoes through eBay. Buyer claimed they were brand new. Within … Continue reading