This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Very difficult to run a business with ebay and paypal

First my account was limited for no apparent reason- I had many auctions finishing and lots to pay for and also to post. I finally got this sorted after a week or so (again, no rational explanation for the limitation- … Continue reading

Paypal took and hid my money from me

Paypal withdrew $295.14 from my bank account without my permission!!! And then when I requested the money back or cancel this transaction they told me it was still processing and would do so for 3-5days. The money is gone from … Continue reading

PayPal is holding my money

PayPal decided to close my account and hold my money because they believe I am responsible for 2 other accounts that have a negative balance. From the information I’ve gathered, those two accounts belong to my father and my grandfather. … Continue reading

Limited for false reasons

I hold a website and a business paypal account, and the motherfuckers at paypal limited my account permanently for, hear this , for being paid for sexually or obscene services, lol, i am guy btw and straight guy, anyway they … Continue reading

Suspended from PayPal forever (and I didn’t do anything wrong)

I have been a stellar ebay seller for 13 years using paypal. Tried to sell an authentic Tudor watch by Rolex (I sell many Rolex every month). eBay pulled it down and suspended me for 7 days. Since they couldn’t … Continue reading

Seller wanted to cancel sale but got my money

I win auction. New seller tells me about problems with product and asks to cancel sale. I say ok. Then I get a notice that I didn’t pay and will lose account if I don’t pay from ebay. I ask … Continue reading

Got limited and lost a lot of money

I was selling a large amount of film equipment some time ago and Paypal froze my account in the middle of a transaction, which I lost. Then demanded that I prove the items I was selling were not stolen. It … Continue reading

Is PayPal even regulated?

Does anybody know which department in the U.S. oversees the practices taken by paypal? To summarize, seller did not list any shipping (zero), I won the bid and then my secretary paid the bill but when I reviewed the bill … Continue reading

eBay decided in my favor but PayPal took my money.

Hi, I had a fraudulent item not as described case against me, I had several emails to show I was in the right but ebay apparently didn’t even look into the case and sided the buyer, however he never returned … Continue reading

Utterly unfair and perfect for scammers

Sold an item on ebay to someone with no feedback. When I sent them the invoice they refused to pay for tracked shipping, back and forth we went (all via ebay messages, so all recorded) with me insisting on tracked … Continue reading