This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Never use PayPal for service related transactions

I used PayPal for my vacation rentals. Family came in from Fort Myers Florida to stay a week in my property. Along with it was a security deposit paid together. After the people stay the entire week they left and … Continue reading

Paypal are NOT a Pal!

I have used Paypal for 15 years, without issue, selling in eBay, with an eBay account with 100% Positive Feedback, No buyer complaints, no complaints from manufacturers. In November 2014, paypal “Limited” my account, asking for transaction details on certain … Continue reading

How is it that people still use PayPal?

I am completely done with Paypal and Ebay. They do not protect sellers, and they do not realize that losing a seller is losing a buyer. I cannot believe how horrible their customer service is, and they need to just … Continue reading

You take a huge risk using PayPal

Paypal would not refund my money after I purchased a service and the service would not give me access, basically they said I would lose my money, even though the service I paid for was not given to me. I … Continue reading

Fraudulent Seller listing

I bought an iPhone from ebay which had a broken glass but was listed as working. I put a new glass on the phone and when I put the sim in the phone the phone wouldn’t work. It said I … Continue reading

PayPal loves to blame it on a Glitch or the system

Whenever I have paypal payments to make it becomes a ridiculous marathon; I paid 2 bills on paypal using my debit card Both were debited from my current bank account within a few hours they were credited Then the fun … Continue reading

PayPal account limited, waiting for outcome.

I have been using Paypal for about 2 years with no problems. One day the tell me my account is limited. I thought it was a mistake. After 2 weeks of waiting for them to correct this I broke down … Continue reading

Very difficult to run a business with ebay and paypal

First my account was limited for no apparent reason- I had many auctions finishing and lots to pay for and also to post. I finally got this sorted after a week or so (again, no rational explanation for the limitation- … Continue reading

Paypal took and hid my money from me

Paypal withdrew $295.14 from my bank account without my permission!!! And then when I requested the money back or cancel this transaction they told me it was still processing and would do so for 3-5days. The money is gone from … Continue reading

PayPal is holding my money

PayPal decided to close my account and hold my money because they believe I am responsible for 2 other accounts that have a negative balance. From the information I’ve gathered, those two accounts belong to my father and my grandfather. … Continue reading