This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Unable to process payments, PayPal unable to figure out problem

My account suddenly stopped processing credit card transactions. They all come back as DENIED by my CC companies, but all my CC’s are in good standing and the companies (Amex, Chase, etc.) are not even receiving the transactions so they … Continue reading

PayPal fraud and frustration

I’ve been a seller for years and until recently had perfect feedback. A buyer decided she did not like the color of the bed sheets after she got them and wanted her money back even though I stated no refunds … Continue reading

Is the 21 day hold really legal?

Can PayPal legally place a hold on money that came from selling an item on ebay? I sold an item for $200 ($193.60 after palpal had taken their fee) and as soon as the buyer paid, PayPal placed it into … Continue reading

Can’t get the money I am owned from paypal

I am a 79 year old widow trying to settle my husbands estate and I have been appointed by the court as executrix. Since June I have contacted Paypal by phone, email, and fax sending all papers they ask for. … Continue reading

Unpaid Seller even with Happy Buyers

I am a new eBay user and I have 100% positive feedback. I just sold a ton of items and made over $500 in sales but while they where holding the funds for 21 days or while the item was … Continue reading

Paypal dispute process works against you

When you deal with your bank or credit card company, you are their customer so they are going to want to help you. When you deal with Paypal, the merchant is their customer. That’s a big difference. Problem I had … Continue reading

Never use PayPal for service related transactions

I used PayPal for my vacation rentals. Family came in from Fort Myers Florida to stay a week in my property. Along with it was a security deposit paid together. After the people stay the entire week they left and … Continue reading

Paypal are NOT a Pal!

I have used Paypal for 15 years, without issue, selling in eBay, with an eBay account with 100% Positive Feedback, No buyer complaints, no complaints from manufacturers. In November 2014, paypal “Limited” my account, asking for transaction details on certain … Continue reading

How is it that people still use PayPal?

I am completely done with Paypal and Ebay. They do not protect sellers, and they do not realize that losing a seller is losing a buyer. I cannot believe how horrible their customer service is, and they need to just … Continue reading

You take a huge risk using PayPal

Paypal would not refund my money after I purchased a service and the service would not give me access, basically they said I would lose my money, even though the service I paid for was not given to me. I … Continue reading