This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

What can a seller do with shady buyers?

I had a buyer decide that the item they purchased was not as described. Which it was. They said it was damaged. Which it wasn’t. It was listed as used with wear. PayPal decided in the buyers favor and they … Continue reading

Sellers protection is a lie.

One buyer from China purchased 2 moldavites from me. After shipping the parcel it was returned from China because of insufficient delivery address stated by the buyer on ebay. I offered to buyer full refund but the buyer gave me … Continue reading

Paypal is just another attempt to impose US regulations on the rest of the world.

Some time ago I spent my vacations on Cuba. Since European countries do not subscribe the ridiculous embargo of the US on Cuba that after 60 years did not achieve any of the intended goals, I did not expect any … Continue reading

Sold Tablet and buyer cheated me.

As a European private person, I sold a 450$ Samsung tablet via Ebay to the U.S. in mint condition. Buyer choose cheap slow shipping, and as soon as 4 days after shipping he changed his mind. He didn’t tell me … Continue reading

How to prevent getting scammed by paypal on open claim against me?

I just sold a iPhone 4S white verizon carrier through paypal invoice. The phone was unused but in open box and buyer was aware of this. My paypal invoice only stated for item and description “iPhone 4S verizon white” didn’t … Continue reading

Buyer filed a Item not as described case but item has not arrived yet!!!

A EBAY Buyer in Texas filed a Item not as described case against me on 12/20/2013 with PayPal trying to Force me to issue a refund for item still in transit by USPS & i already told PAYPAL about that … Continue reading

Just one of many who has been robbed by PayPal

I’ve had them take my money unfairly. Two cases: I wait for an echeck to clear. I am notified by Paypal it has cleared and that’s it’s safe to ship. I ship. The echeck bounces. I complain. Net result: I … Continue reading

Can’t fund my payments the way I want to with PayPal

I am forced to use paypal as an ebay seller. I was trying to make a donation to a charity that links to paypal for payment. I did not want to even log in to paypal to pay and there … Continue reading

Only a matter of time before everyone realizes the paypal scam

It took me many transactions on eBay and PayPal to see that they are both a scam for the seller. There is no seller protection. They’re looking out only for the buyers it would seem. if you don’t know what … Continue reading

PayPal Account limited for over 10 years

Over 10 years ago i sold one data item online and created a PayPal account to collect the proceeds. The sale went bad – the buyer claimed not to have gotten the item (not true as it was information sent … Continue reading