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Little did I know that PayPal were going to take my money hostage.

I recently sold an item and got paid through paypal. Little did I know that they were going to take my money hostage. After providing all steps and everything that needed to be done, including great review on ebay and … Continue reading

Buyer unwilling to cooperate

I am in the middle of a fraudulent chargeback attempt. Buyer purchased a high dollar, vintage DJ mixer that was in working order prior to shipment, on an “installment” plan at buyer’s request due to AMEX transaction limitations. Arrangements made … Continue reading

Paypal said I was buying illegal items meanwhile they’re illegally holding my money

I saw a car on e-bay that I wanted to buy, I decided to send $500 deposit. After that I received a letter from PayPal saying that I was buying or selling illegal items so I decided to cancel the … Continue reading

I am in a big mess

I was working with another party who approached me to help sell her husbands bikes as she didn’t have an eBay or paypal account and they moved to England two weeks ago and had no accounts and that her husbands … Continue reading

Unauthorized charges by PayPal

I do not know where to begin since my issues with PAYPAL are so complicated. In a nutshell, I placed an online order to MICROSOFT STORE only to see that charges were doubled. I IMMEDIATELY contacted GAY from PAYPAL where … Continue reading

14 years and paypal decides to hold my funds

I have been involved with ebay since 1999. I have over 1000 transactions, 100% positive feedback of over 1500. All of a sudden I get one too many low DSR’s back in June that put me over the limit statistically, … Continue reading

PayPal refunded scammer

A couple of months ago we sold a set of wheels to a guy in the Ukraine, we used Paypal as our payment method. We followed their protocol as such, sent the goods to the customer by TNT International courier. … Continue reading

I am looking to file a lawsuit against Paypal

Hello, I am looking to file a lawsuit against Paypal on the grounds that: 1. They took money out of my account and awarded it to one of my customers who received the item she bought from me and the … Continue reading

Paypal is blocking my credit card and account

Recently a ticket service I had to deal with only accepted PayPal payments. I tried using my credit card without registering and it got declined. I then recalled that I did have a paypal account that I made about a … Continue reading

Suspended and money held

I only been a seller on ebay for about a year had 539 feedback, out of 539 had 8 negative, my sellers rating went down, wasn’t acceptable to ebay, one minute to the next they deleted all my listings, sending … Continue reading