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Can’t add second bank account to PayPal account

Okay, I added a bank account a few weeks ago and had no issues and now I’m trying to add another one and it’s saying “We don’t recognize this device” when I’m not only using the same device as when … Continue reading

Can PayPal really do this?

Hello my Ebay account got shut down on the basis of it being linked to a previously banned account, I tried to contest but they are having none of it. ( I think its because I was successfully selling items … Continue reading

No product and no refund. No more PayPal

I made a purchased like I have done for years, but this time the merchant didn’t send my product nor did they give me a refund. I first notified paypal, then the merchant on more that one occasion with no … Continue reading

My account was limited due to a “High Risk”

I had 1 EBAY and 1 Pay pal account. My account was limited due to a “High Risk” I asked why my account was limited and they said “computer items are High Risk” I submitted all the documents they asked … Continue reading

We followed PayPal’s guide lines and were still limited

We are an American-owned company in Asia with operations in Cambodia, where we have numerous staff-initiated social service programs, including sponsoring a school and rescuing destitute families when something goes wrong and they can no longer afford to eat. We … Continue reading

Paypal cheat seller

A very bad experience with Paypal, it is my 1st and last time useing Paypal, i am new to Paypal, 03/09/2014 my buyer transfer me USD $320, and USD $744, and chasing me to release digital item, i called paypal … Continue reading

Never get involved with Paypal!

Long story short. I opened a ebay account to test the waters on selling items. You had to open up a paypal account. I registered my banking and credit card information. I was a verified seller (not many people are … Continue reading

Double charged for refund

I have money due me as a seller which PayPal has not paid me yet. I also was charged twice for a refund i agreed to pay to an unhappy buyer. This refund was charged twice, once to my paypal … Continue reading

Frozen account

I made two Paypal payments in one day. I accidentally took one of the payments out of my alternative checking account. I realized it, and went back in and paid the $1000. I assumed it was an “instant transfer” as … Continue reading

Withdrew funds but never received them

I withdrew a sizable sum from my Paypal account on 6th August. It has not arrived in my bank account. My bank has no record of it, though it was marked as completed on Paypal ten days ago. Paypal just … Continue reading