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PayPal Policy Updates coming soon and it’s not all good  warn everyone paypal reports and steals your information! Policy Updates This page informs users in advance of important changes to the PayPal service, its User Agreement, or other policies. This page displays policy updates with future effective dates. … Continue reading

Paypal took funds despite seller issuing refund

I have sent a payment through my bank account and the seller REFUNDED me the next day. PayPal still took the money out of my account EVEN THOUGH the seller REFUNDED ME WAYYYY BEFORE PAYPAL HAD A CHANCE OF TAKING … Continue reading

Did not receive refund for shipping despite being promised that

I made a purchase from ebay the amount of 211.80$ I initially received the product from California they were 2 phones which were defective I tried to contact the seller and got no respond so I immediately contacted pay pal. … Continue reading

Pay Pal forces me to convert US funds

I live in Canada and I have an ebay account. I list all of my items in USD as per the recommendations of ebay and because I sell to a lot of people in Asia. I have opened a USD … Continue reading

PayPal’s system is so broken

I have problems logging into my account when trying to pay for items with PayPal. I am told my password is incorrect but if I purchase from eBay the same password works! When I try and contact anyone, which the … Continue reading

PayPal is requesting invoices on gifts I sold.

I had a celebration and received a lot of presents, some of which I had no use for. I sold them on ebay and because they were sold at £200 each paypal and ebay restricted my account and are now … Continue reading

PayPal the worst way to pay and get paid!!

I received notice when I logged into paypal that since I haven’t used paypal in a while my account was limited until I gave them my bank account verify address social security number I did all of the above. The … Continue reading

PayPal is trying to link an account with a negative balance to me

I have a limited status on my PayPal account. I called PayPal to ask what it’s about and they said that my PayPal account is linked to another older PayPal account which has been closed and had a negative balance … Continue reading

Paypal does not accept my proof of delivery

I had sold an item on eBay, posted with recorded delivery with an online tracking service. The buyer then files an unauthorized payment case, so I resolve the case by providing the online tracking. Days later, Royalmail posts online that … Continue reading

15 year perfect selling record and I get treated like roadkill

Ugh, I was so naive to Paypal, and truly thought they were the saviors of the internet…. Until I had an issue. After 15 years of a perfect record, mind you, they took the side of a buyer to whom … Continue reading