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PalPay And Collections

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous


I just though I’d let you (and your readers) know about an incident that just happened with PalPay – so hopefully they don’t get caught out as well.

I bought an “established website” via PP, initially advertised on Ebay.

After making the payment, it turned out the sites didn’t actually exist – or the ones that did exist were owned by someone else.

I contacted PalPay (PP), and they instantly froze the sellers PP account, pending their ‘investigation’ … but within a week, as the seller was unable to prove delivery of the websites, and PP couldn’t quite work out who was “telling the truth”, they concluded their investigation, and promptly released the funds to the seller.

Apparently, in PP’s “terms & conditions” they are unable to assist the buyer when problems arise with the purchase of a “intangible item”, i.e. a website. Hmm …

They also added that they are “not a debt collection company”, and that I would have to resolve the matter directly with the seller.

I contacted my c/card company, and they were unable to assist also, as the *transaction* was between me and PP, and that went through ok.

The bottom line here, is that if you buy a website through PP, and the seller fails to deliver, or even refuses to deliver, you can kiss your money goodbye – and you’ll get absolutely no assistance from PP – or your c/card company.

I hope this helps anyone out there thinking about buying a website via PayPal…


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:17 am

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