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Part Of A Scam

By Sharon

Even though this is not a NIGHTMARE story, it is part of the scam going on here, I had a person return an item for a replacement, she didnt like that the replacement either so after she complained a bit to pay pal they refunded her money from my account without notice, 4 times!!! well it was only a small amount of $60.00 each time, but times 4 to me is alot….  they have yet to respond to my complaints. this has been going on since March. they have listed that all of the transactions were cancelled except for the last one.  Problem is, they took out $60.00 each time and have yet to refund that money.!!!

In observeance…………….

Another notice of mine is that since I am in the jewelry business, my research shows that large items sell online at Ebay, (scratching head) so why do I get the feeling that shills are hicking up the prices (if not the company owners). It is very hard to get my cost for gold on ebay!

anyway, just thought you would like to know the problems trickle down to us litte folks too!!  


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:19 am

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